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Bird Song: Biological Themes and Variations
Introduction 1. The study of bird song 2. Production and perception 3. How song develops 4. Getting the message across 5. When do birds sing? 6. Recognition and territorial defence 7. SexualExpand
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Bird Song: Contents
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Advances in the Study of Behavior
Advances in the Study of Behavior was initiated over 40 years ago to serve the increasing number of scientists engaged in the study of animal behavior. This volume makes another importantExpand
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The Foundations of Ethology
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The different roles of social learning in vocal communication
While vocal learning has been studied extensively in birds and mammals, little effort has been made to define what exactly constitutes vocal learning and to classify the forms that it may take. WeExpand
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Context-specific use suggests that bottlenose dolphin signature whistles are cohesion calls
Studies on captive bottlenose dolphins, Tursiops truncatus, have shown that each individual produces a stereotyped, individually specific signature whistle; however, no study has demonstrated clearExpand
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Bird song learning: causes and consequences
This article starts with a brief description of the phenomenon of song learning in birds, and then outlines various consequences that it has for the individuals that show it and the groups to whichExpand
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Mate attractiveness and primary resource allocation in the zebra finch
Since egg production is nutritionally and energetically expensive, differential allocation theory predicts that females should allocate more resources at laying when mated to an attractive male.Expand
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Minimising Errors in Splitting Behaviour Into Bouts
Some problems in using log survivor functions to split behaviour into bouts are outlined. It is argued that it is usually best to choose that bout criterion which leads to the fewest within andExpand
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