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The evolution and structure of pulsar wind nebulae
AbstractPulsars steadily dissipate their rotational energy via relativistic winds. Confinement of these outflows generates luminous pulsar wind nebulae, seen across the electromagnetic spectrum in ...
Nonthermal X-Ray Emission from the Shell-Type Supernova Remnant G347.3-0.5
Recent ASCA observations of G347.3-0.5, a supernova remnant (SNR) discovered in the ROSAT All-Sky Survey, reveal nonthermal emission from a region along the northwestern shell. Here we report on new
Cosmic-Ray Acceleration at the Forward Shock in Tycho’s Supernova Remnant: Evidence from Chandra X-Ray Observations
We present evidence for cosmic-ray acceleration at the forward shock in Tycho's supernova remnant (SNR) from three X-ray observables: (1) the proximity of the contact discontinuity to the forward
New constraints on the structure and evolution of the pulsar wind Nebula 3C 58
We present an investigation of the spectral and spatial structure of the X-ray emission from 3C 58 based on a 350 ks observation with the Chandra X-ray Observatory. This deep image, obtained as part
Psr j1833-1034: discovery of the central young pulsar in the supernova remnant g21.5-0.9
We have discovered the pulsar associated with the supernova remnant G21.5-0.9. PSR J1833-1034, with spin period P = 61.8 ms and dispersion measure 169 cm-3 pc, is very faint, with pulse-averaged flux
X-Ray Emission From the Shell-Type SNR G347.3-0.5
Recent ASCA observations of G347.3-0.5, an SNR discovered in the ROSAT All-Sky Survey, reveal nonthermal emission from a region along the northwestern shell (Koyama et al. 1997). Here we report on
RX J0852.0–4622: Another Nonthermal Shell-Type Supernova Remnant (G266.2–1.2)
The newly discovered supernova remnant G266.2-1.2 (RX J0852.0-4622), along the line of sight to the Vela supernova remnant (SNR), was observed with ASCA for 120 ks. We find that the X-ray spectrum is
Discovery of X-Ray Pulsations from the Compact Central Source in the Supernova Remnant 3C 58
We report on high time and spatial resolution observations of the supernova remnant (SNR) 3C 58 using the High Resolution Camera (HRC) on the Chandra X-Ray Observatory. These data show a pointlike
We report the discovery of TeV gamma-ray emission from the Type Ia supernova remnant (SNR) G120.1+1.4, known as Tycho's SNR. Observations performed in the period 2008-2010 with the VERITAS
Probing X-ray Absorption and Optical Extinction in the Interstellar Medium Using Chandra Observations of Supernova Remnants
We present a comprehensive study of interstellar X-ray extinction using the extensive Chandra supernova remnant archive and use our results to refine the empirical relation between the hydrogen