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Inhibition of metallo-beta-lactamases by a series of mercaptoacetic acid thiol ester derivatives.
A series of mercaptoacetic acid thiol esters have been identified as metallo-beta-lactamase inhibitors. Electrospray mass spectrometry (ESMS) has shown that irreversible inhibition of the BacillusExpand
Electron ionization and chemical ionization mass spectra of pyridinium and isoquinolinium ylides
Electron ionization (EI) spectra and both positive and negative chemical ionization (CI) spectra have been obtained for four isoquinolinium ylides and two pyridinium ylides. Electron transferExpand
Survey of background levels of PCDDs & PCDFs in UK soils
Abstract Soil samples collected at points on a 50 km grid covering England, Wales and lowland Scotland have been analysed for PCDDs and PCDFs. Mean concentrations for a reduced data set were in theExpand
SB-203207 and SB-203208, two novel isoleucyl tRNA synthetase inhibitors from a Streptomyces sp. II. Structure determination.
Two novel isoleucyl tRNA synthetase inhibitors, SB-203207 and SB-203208 have been isolated from a Streptomyces sp. and found to be structurally related to altemicidin. Structures of SB-203207 andExpand
The inhibition of human cytomegalovirus (hCMV) protease by hydroxylamine derivatives.
Aryl hydroxylamine derivatives have been synthesised that are some of the most potent inhibitors of hCMV protease prepared to date (IC50 14-60 nM). Mass spectrometry studies indicate that oxazinoneExpand
Application of Fourier transform Raman spectroscopy to a range of compounds of pharmaceutical interest
Abstract Fourier transform (FT) Raman spectra have been obtained for a range of synthetic and semisynthetic samples to evaluate the utility of the technique for the characterization of compounds ofExpand
beta-Lactamase ragged ends detected by electrospray mass spectrometry correlates poorly with multiple banding on isoelectric focusing.
Purified preparations of TEM-2, P99, Bacillus cereus I and B. cereus II beta-lactamases were examined by electrospray (ES) mass spectrometry. The ES mass spectra of the B. cereus enzymes revealed theExpand
Low‐level Measurement of Potent Toxins
Analysis of the degradation products of diproteverine by moving belt LC/MS
Moving belt LC/MS has been used to identify the degradation products of the slow calcium membrane channel inhibitor, Diproteverine, after storage at elevated temperature and humidity. The majorExpand