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27 Limits: Beginning and End of the Early State
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28 The Early State: Models and Reality
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Chiefdom: A universal political formation?
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Gellner versus Marxism: a major concern or a fleeting affair?
Marx's faith, I believe, was fundamentally a faith in the open society. (Popper 1966: 200) When the Revolution comes, both sides will shoot him . (David Glass, according to Gellner 1996: 673)Expand
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Studying peoples in the people's democracies: socialist era anthropology in East-Central Europe
Was there anything like a "socialist anthropology" common to Bulgaria and Serbia? Did Soviet and/or Marxist influences, in the discipline and in society in general, penetrate so deeply as to form anExpand
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The early writings of Bronisław Malinowski
Preface Acknowledgements Notes on the text Introduction: Malinowski's reading, writing, 1904-1914 Part I. Malinowski's writings, 1904-1914: 1. Observations on Friedrich Nietzche's The Birth ofExpand
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The Crisis in Soviet Ethnography [and Comments]
and not entirely persuasive because of the significant differences in the organization of scientific work between the U.S.S.R. and the United States. The vast majority of scholars in the field ofExpand
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Our Obsolete Production Mentality: The Heresy of the Communal Formation [and Comments and Reply]
Nonmaterial aspects of social practices such as symbolic exchange, modes of destruction of wealth-in short, the broad field of "antieconomic" activities-have not been fully examined by economicExpand
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