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Microalgae as multi-functional options in modern agriculture: current trends, prospects and challenges.
Algae are a group of ubiquitous photosynthetic organisms comprising eukaryotic green algae and Gram-negative prokaryotic cyanobacteria, which have immense potential as a bioresource for variousExpand
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Serpin Inhibition Mechanism: A Delicate Balance between Native Metastable State and Polymerization
The serpins (serine proteinase inhibitors) are structurally similar but functionally diverse proteins that fold into a conserved structure and employ a unique suicide substrate-like inhibitoryExpand
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Patient experiences and preferences on short daily and nocturnal home hemodialysis
Quotidian/intensive hemodialysis (short daily and nocturnal) has variable effects on health‐related quality of life (HRQOL) as measured by standard HRQOL tools. We sought to understand the perceivedExpand
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Prospects, recent advancements and challenges of different wastewater streams for microalgal cultivation.
Microalgae are recognized as one of the most powerful biotechnology platforms for many value added products including biofuels, bioactive compounds, animal and aquaculture feed etc. However, largeExpand
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Blocking the interaction between HIV-1 integrase and human LEDGF/p75: mutational studies, virtual screening and molecular dynamics simulations.
HIV-1 integrase (IN) mediates integration of viral cDNA into the host cell genome, an essential step in the retroviral life cycle. The human lens epithelium-derived growth factor (LEDGF/p75) is aExpand
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Assessment of municipal wastewaters at various stages of treatment process as potential growth media for Chlorella sorokiniana under different modes of cultivation.
Wastewater utilization for microalgal biomass production is potentially the most economical route for its fuel and feed applications. In this study, suitability of various wastewater streams within aExpand
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Gonadotropin and tumorigenesis: Direct and indirect effects on inflammatory and immunosuppressive mediators and invasion
Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), a hormone essential for pregnancy, is also ectopically expressed by a variety of cancers and is associated with poor prognosis; molecular mechanisms which mayExpand
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Evaluation of operating conditions for sustainable harvesting of microalgal biomass applying electrochemical method using non sacrificial electrodes.
The efficient harvesting of microalgae is considered to be one of the challenging steps of algal biofuel production and a key factor limiting the commercial use of microalgae. To overcome theExpand
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HIV‐1 Nef‐POTEE; A novel interaction modulates macrophage dissemination via mTORC2 signaling pathway
Aims: Human immunodeficiency virus −1 [HIV‐1] Nef, localizes in different cellular compartments and modulates several cellular pathways. Nef promotes virus pathogenicity through alteration in cellExpand
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Normative Data of Optimally Placed Endotracheal Tube by Point-of-care Ultrasound in Neonates
ObjectiveTo derive normative data of the distance between optimally placed endotracheal tube tip and arch of aorta by ultrasound in neonates across different weight andExpand
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