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Introduction to Dusty Plasma Physics
The book Introduction to Plasma Physics by Shukla and Mamun deals with various aspects of collective processes in dusty plasmas. The first introductory chapters review dust charging and the forces onExpand
Electrostatic solitary structures in non‐thermal plasmas
Solitary electrostatic structures involving density depletions have been observed in the upper ionosphere by the Freja satellite [Dovner et al., 1994]. If these are interpreted as ion sound solitons,Expand
Dust ion-acoustic wave
The existence of a new low-frequency electrostatic wave in an unmagnetized collisionless dusty plasma is pointed out.
Small Scale Alfvénic Structure in the Aurora
This paper presents a comprehensive review of dispersive Alfvén waves in space and laboratory plasmas. We start with linear properties of Alfvén waves and show how the inclusion of ion gyroradius,Expand
New acoustic waves originating from a balance of dust particle inertia and plasma pressure are investigated. It is shown that these waves can propagate linearly as a normal mode in a dusty plasma,Expand
Observation of Ion-Acoustic Shocks in a Dusty Plasma
Linear and nonlinear dust ion-acoustic waves are studied experimentally in a homogeneous unmagnetized dusty plasma. In the linear regime, the phase velocity of the wave increases and the wave suffersExpand
Nonlinear collective effects in photon-photon and photon-plasma interactions
Strong-field effects in laboratory and astrophysical plasmas and high intensity laser and cavity systems are considered, related to quantum electrodynamical (QED) photon-photon scattering. CurrentExpand
Colloquium : nonlinear collective interactions in quantum plasmas with degenerate electron fluids
The current understanding of some important nonlinear collective processes in quantum plasmas with degenerate electrons is presented. After reviewing the basic properties of quantum plasmas, modelExpand
Solitary potentials in cometary dusty plasmas
[1] Recent observations reveal that plasmas in cometary tails contain charged dust grains of positive and negative polarities. Our objective here is to show that such a two-component dusty plasmaExpand
Solitary waves in an ultrarelativistic degenerate dense plasma
Solitary waves in an ultrarelativistic degenerate dense plasma have been investigated by the reductive perturbation method. The modified Korteweg–de Vries equation has been derived and its numericalExpand