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Soil Electrical Conductivity and Soil Salinity: New Formulations and Calibrations
A new model describing the relation between bulk soil electrical conductivity (EC,), volumetric content (0W) and electrical conductivity of soil water (EC») is given along with supporting evidenceExpand
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Scaling Parameter to Predict the Soil Water Characteristic from Particle-Size Distribution Data
The Arya-Paris model is an indirect method to estimate the soil water characteristic from particle-size data. The scaling parameter, α, in the original model was assumed constant for all soilExpand
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Identifying Soil Properties that Influence Cotton Yield Using Soil Sampling Directed by Apparent Soil Electrical Conductivity
Crop yield inconsistently correlates with apparent soil electrical conductivity (EC a ) because of the influence of soil properties (e.g., salinity, water content, texture, etc.) that may or may notExpand
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Comparison of HYDRUS-2D simulations of drip irrigation with experimental observations
Realizing the full potential of drip irrigation technology requires optimizing the operational parameters that are available to irrigators, such as the frequency, rate, and duration of waterExpand
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Frequency dependence of the complex permittivity and its impact on dielectric sensor calibration in soils
The capacitance (CAP) method and time domain reflectometry (TDR) are two popular electromagnetic techniques used to estimate soil water content. However, the frequency dependence of the real andExpand
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Estimating soil salinity from saturated soil-paste electrical conductivity
A method is presented for estimating the electrical conductivity of the saturated soil-paste extract (EC,) from measurement of the electrical conductivity of the saturated soil-paste (EC,) andExpand
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Estimating particle-size distribution from limited soil texture data
Particle-size distribution is a fundamental physical property of soils. Because particle-size data are frequently incomplete, it would be useful to have a method for inferring the completeExpand
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A field test of the transfer function model for predicting solute transport
A model proposed for predicting average values of solute concentration as a function of depth and time, based on a transfer function model, is tested on a field experiment over 1.44 ha. TheExpand
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Relationship between the Hydraulic Conductivity Function and the Particle‐Size Distribution
We present a model to compute the hydraulic conductivity, K, as a function of water content, θ, directly from the particle-size distribution (PSD) of a soil. The model is based on the assumption thatExpand
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In situ use of groundwater by alfalfa
Disposal of saline drainage water is a significant problem for irrigated agriculture. One proposal is to recycle drainage water to irrigate salt tolerant crops until the volume has been reducedExpand
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