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A mathematical model of fatigue in skeletal muscle force contraction
The ability for muscle to repeatedly generate force is limited by fatigue. The cellular mechanisms behind muscle fatigue are complex and potentially include breakdown at many points along theExpand
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The distribution of urine deposited on a pasture from grazing animals
Intensive agricultural production practices are known to cause far-reaching effects on water quality. The current paper addresses and quantifies these effects caused by high stocking rates. A set ofExpand
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A stochastic model of urinary nitrogen and water flow in grassland soil in New Zealand
A mathematical model of urinary nitrogen and water flow in soil has been developed that incorporated stochastic rainfall and stochastic temperature events. This model was used to characterise theExpand
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Modeling the interaction of milking frequency and nutrition on mammary gland growth and lactation.
A mathematical model of biological mechanisms regulating lactation is constructed. In particular, the model allows prediction of the effect of milking frequency on milk yield and mammary regression,Expand
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CRH-induced electrical activity and calcium signalling in pituitary corticotrophs.
Pituitary corticotroph cells generate repetitive action potentials and associated Ca2+ transients in response to the agonist corticotropin releasing hormone (CRH). There is indirect evidenceExpand
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Evaluation of urine excretion from dairy cows under two farm systems using urine sensors
Abstract Urine nitrogen (N) is the main source of N leaching from pasture grazed by dairy cows. The aim of this work was to compare urine-N excretion from lactating dairy cows under two contrastingExpand
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Estimation of microbial growth using population measurements subject to a detection limit.
In this paper we develop a maximum likelihood estimation procedure for determining the mean and variance in microbial population size from microbial population measurements subject to a detectionExpand
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Qualitative theory of the spread of a new gene into a resident population
This work addresses the problems that arise in the estimation of the risk of invader/unwanted GMO spread and the optimal release of desired genes into a population through the release of transgenicExpand
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A mathematical analysis of obstructed diffusion within skeletal muscle.
Molecules are transported through the myofilament lattice of skeletal muscle fibers during muscle activation. The myofilaments, along with the myosin heads, sarcoplasmic reticulum, t-tubules, andExpand
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Development of a formula for estimating plasma free cortisol concentration from a measured total cortisol concentration when elastase-cleaved and intact corticosteroid binding globulin coexist
Cortisol bound to corticosteroid binding globulin (CBG) contributes up to 90% of the total cortisol concentration in circulation. Therefore, changes in the binding kinetics of cortisol to CBG canExpand
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