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Color Transfer between Images
This work uses a simple statistical analysis to impose one image's color characteristics on another by choosing an appropriate source image and applying its characteristic to another image.
Photographic tone reproduction for digital images
The work presented in this paper leverages the time-tested techniques of photographic practice to develop a new tone reproduction operator and uses and extends the techniques developed by Ansel Adams to deal with digital images.
Parallel & distributed processing
An Anisotropic Phong BRDF Model
A BRDF model that combines several advantages of the various empirical models currently in use, which has intuitive parameters, is anisotropic, conserves energy, is reciprocal, has an appropriate non-Lambertian diffuse term, and is well-suited for use in Monte Carlo renderers is presented.
Ray tracing deformable scenes using dynamic bounding volume hierarchies
A BVH-based ray tracing system using a novel integrated packet-frustum traversal scheme is shown to achieve performance for deformable models comparable to that previously available only for static models.
A polygonal approximation to direct scalar volume rendering
A method is presented that approximates tetrahedral volume cells with hardware renderable transparent triangles that produces results which are visually similar to more exact methods for scalar volume rendering, but is faster and has smaller memory requirements.
A practical analytic model for daylight
An inexpensive analytic model that approximates full spectrum daylight for various atmospheric conditions is presented that is fielded in a number of conditions and intermediate results verified against standard literature from atmospheric science.
A model of visual adaptation for realistic image synthesis
A computational model of visual adaptation for realistic image synthesis based on psychophysical experiments that captures the changes in threshold visibility, color appearance, visual acuity, and sensitivity over time that are caused by the visual system’s adaptation mechanisms.
A microfacet-based BRDF generator
A method is presented that takes as an input a 2D microfacet orientation distribution and produces a 4D bidirectional reflectance distribution function (BRDF) that uses a simple shadowing term which allows it to handle very general microf acet distributions while maintaining reciprocity and energy conservation.
Spatially Nonuniform Scaling Functions for High Contrast Images
An algorithm is presented that scales the pixel intensities of a computer generated greyscale image so that they are all displayable on a standard CRT. This scaling is spatially nonuniform over the