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Failure analysis of natural gas buried X65 steel pipeline under deflection load using finite element method
Abstract A 3D parametric finite element model of the pipeline and soil is established using finite element method to perform the failure analysis of natural gas buried X65 steel pipeline underExpand
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Research on the fracture behavior of PBX under static tension
Abstract The fracture behavior of polymer-bonded explosive (PBX) seriously affects the safety and reliability of weapon system. The effects of interface debonding and initial meso-damage on theExpand
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Model Tests on Characteristic of Suction Caissons in Saturated Fine Sand Under Intermittent Loading
Abstract Suction caissons are often used for the caissons of both offshore oil platforms and offshore wind power projects because of their advantages of simple construction, economical cost, andExpand
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Effect of Contact Residual Stress on Proof Testing
Theoretical predictions are made of strength distributions after proof testing accounting for the possibility of a contact residual stress. Assuming a simple power-law relationship betweenExpand
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Method of Spling Weight and Residual Value for Analyzing Bending of Laminated Skew Plates under Complex Stress State
In order to meet the needs of boundary conditions and eliminate the residual of governing equations, the weighted residuals method is combined with least squares method solve the nonlinear bendingExpand
Method Study on Generation-Dissipation of Seismic Pore Water Pressure in Saturated Sands
With considering the effect of the initial pore water pressure and the variety of seismic pore water pressure generation, a two-dimensional inhomogeneous compound diffusion equation for describingExpand
Analysis on Influence of Technological Parameters on Temperature and Plastic Strain during Metal-Cutting
In this paper, the simulation of metal-cutting is performed with the 2-D FEM model by the software of MSC SuperForm. During the calculation, the variation of material parameters vs. temperature isExpand
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A New Method for Analysis on Geo-Stress Field Fitting
We use the partial least squares regression method (PLSRM) to back calculate the initial geostress field of the tunnel rock mass in Wushaoling tunnel ridge. Expand
Analysis of Pre-Tightened Bolt Connections under Eccentric Load
Besides eccentric load, the bolt in the pre-tightening bolt connections is loaded by the axis-force P and the bend moment. The FEM method was used to analysis pre-tightening bolt connections underExpand