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Romantic love conceptualized as an attachment process.
  • C. Hazan, P. Shaver
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of personality and social psychology
  • 1 March 1987
This article explores the possibility that romantic love is an attachment process--a biosocial process by which affectional bonds are formed between adult lovers, just as affectional bonds are formedExpand
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Emotion knowledge: further exploration of a prototype approach.
Recent work on natural categories suggests a framework for conceptualizing people's knowledge about emotions. Categories of natural objects or events, including emotions, are formed as a result ofExpand
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The VLA Survey of the Chandra Deep Field-South. I. Overview and the Radio Data
We report 20 and 6 cm VLA deep observations of the CDF-S including the Extended CDF-S. We discuss the radio properties of 266 cataloged radio sources, of which 198 are above a 20 cm completenessExpand
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Exposure, satiation, and stimulus discriminability.
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The VLA survey of the Chandra deep field-south - II. Identification and host galaxy properties of submillijansky sources
We present the optical and infrared identifications of the 266 radio sources detected at 20 cm with the Very Large Array in the Chandra Deep Field-South. Using deep i-band Advanced Camera forExpand
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Adolescents' theories about the development of their relationships with parents.
Using a retrospective method, we assessed late adolescents' developmental theories about their affective relationships with their parents. Subjects used drawings and questionnaire ratings to portrayExpand
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The CORALS survey - II. Clues to galaxy clustering around QSOs from $z_\mathsf{abs} \sim z_\mathsf{em}$ damped Lyman alpha systems
We present a list of z a b s ∼ z e m (Δv < 3000 km s - 1 ) DLAs discovered during the CORALS survey for absorbers in a radio-selected QSO sample. On the assumption that z a b s ∼ z e m DLAs areExpand
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The ROSAT-ESO Flux-Limited X-Ray (REFLEX) galaxy cluster survey - III. The power spectrum
We present a measure of the power spectrum on scales from 15 to 800h 1 Mpc using the ROSAT- ESO Flux-Limited X-Ray (REFLEX) galaxy cluster catalogue. The REFLEX survey provides a sample of the 452Expand
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J06587-5558: a very unusual polarized radio source
We have found a peculiar radio source, J06587 - 5558, in the field of one of the hottest known clusters of galaxies, 1E 06572 - 56. It is slightly extended and highly polarized (54 per cent at 8.8Expand
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The VLA survey of the Chandra Deep Field South III: X-ray spectral properties of radio sources
We discuss the X-ray properties of the radio sources detected in a deep 1.4 and 5 GHz VLA Radio survey of the Extended Chandra Deep Field-South (E-CDFS). Among the 266 radio sources detected, we findExpand
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