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Automatic business process model assembly on the basis of subject-oriented semantic process mark-up
We propose a business process model enriched by the semantic mark-up that enables to represent these recommendations in form of fully formalized high-level process descriptions. Expand
A Type-theoretic Approach to Cloud Data Integration
We propose an architecture that helps to integrate data accessible via cloud application APIs. Expand
A Language for Transforming the RDF Data on the Basis of Ontologies
A language for ontology-driven transformations of RDF data on the basis of ontologies. Expand
Towards the automated business process building by means of type theory
An approach to automated construction of executable business process models based on formal goal description is proposed. Expand
Ontology-based type-system integrated tools to infer facts about information objects for .NET platform
In this work, we describe the construction of an applicative system that processes description logic ontologies and is integrated with the objecttoriented programming environment. Expand
Software Tools for Navigation in Document Databases - Development of Information Navigation Service based on Classification Schemes
This article describes a classification scheme mapping service which is useful in integration of different databases in one search engine. Expand
Usage of semantic transformations in B2B integration solutions
We propose a computation-oriented approach to ontology-based B2B integration. The domain ontology is used within the integration platform as a scheme for internal data representation. The main ideaExpand
Type-theoretic Means for Querying Heterogeneous Data Sources Available via Cloud APIs
We propose a unified approach for querying data sources which are accessible in form of heterogeneous APIs rather than some standards compliant databases. Expand
A Dynamic Editor of Typed Data Transformations
This paper presents tools aimed at automating the data integration process between different SaaS-applications. Expand
A Type-Safe APProach to Identifying and Merging Changes in Complex Information Objects
We propose a tool that simplifies the solution of this problem with help of a type-safe approach to data merging. Expand