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Detection and enumeration of coliforms in drinking water: current methods and emerging approaches.
The coliform group has been used extensively as an indicator of water quality and has historically led to the public health protection concept. The aim of this review is to examine methods currentlyExpand
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Does the High Nucleic Acid Content of Individual Bacterial Cells Allow Us To Discriminate between Active Cells and Inactive Cells in Aquatic Systems?
ABSTRACT The nucleic acid contents of individual bacterial cells as determined with three different nucleic acid-specific fluorescent dyes (SYBR I, SYBR II, and SYTO 13) and flow cytometry wereExpand
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Dynamics of bacterioplankton in oligotrophic and eutrophic aquatic environments: bottom-up or top-down control?
Measurements of bacterial biomass, production and mortality have been carried out in a large range of aquatic environments, including eutrophic and oligotrophic ones. The general trends of variationsExpand
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Determination of the biodegradable fraction of dissolved organic matter in waters
Abstract Two bioassay procedures are proposed for determining biodegradable dissolved organic carbon (BDOC) in waters. Both involves sterile filtration of the sample, reinoculation with a naturalExpand
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Flow cytometric discrimination of bacterial populations in seawater based on SYTO 13 staining of nucleic acids
Flow cytometric (FCM) counts of bacteria stained with SYTO 13, a cyanine dye, were highly correlated with DAPI epifluorescence microscopic counts in coastal seawater samples. Fluorescence intensityExpand
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A nitrogen budget of the Scheldt hydrographical basin
Abstract A nitrogen budget including nitrite, nitrate, ammonium and organic nitrogen is presented for the western Scheldt estuary. The nitrogen entering the estuarine zone is evaluated fromExpand
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Simple method for determination of biodegradable dissolved organic carbon in water.
Determination of biodegradable dissolved organic carbon in waters is of particular importance for the water treatment industry. A simple method for determining biodegradable dissolved organic carbonExpand
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Impact of an intense combined sewer overflow event on the microbiological water quality of the Seine River.
For a better understanding of the short and mid-term impacts of a combined sewer overflow (CSO) on the microbiological quality of the receiving river, we studied the composition of a CSO dischargeExpand
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Mortality rates of autochthonous and fecal bacteria in natural aquatic ecosystems.
Bacterial mortality has been investigated in freshwater (River Seine) and in marine (North Sea) systems using a method based on following the disappearance of radioactivity from the DNA ofExpand
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Bacterial dynamics in the drinking water distribution system of Brussels.
Water samples and pipe coupons were collected from the Brussel's drinking water distribution system (DS). A treated surface water and various groundwaters feed this DS. Parameters related toExpand
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