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Characterization of humified compounds by extraction and fractionation on solid polyvinylpyrrolidone
Abstract New humification parameters are proposed for characterizing soils and organic fertilizers or amendments. They include an index, a degree and a rate of humification, all devised to assess theExpand
Determination of organic carbon in aqueous extracts of soils and fertilizers
Abstract A simple and accurate method for the routine determination of organic carbon in aqueous extracts of soils and fertilizers is described. Samples are oxidized for exactly 10 minutes with aExpand
Use of 0·1 m pyrophosphate to extract urease from a podzol
Abstract Sodium pyrophosphatc (0·1 m ) at pH 7.1 and 37°C extracted a significant fraction of urease from a podzol. Maximum extraction values were obtained after 18 h. The yields of soil organicExpand
Thermal Methods of Organic Matter Maturation Monitoring During a Composting Process
The possibility to use thermal analysis for a quick characterisation of chemical changes in the organic matter of composted materials was tested. Nine samples were taken at progressive stages ofExpand
Evaluation of heavy metals during stabilization of organic matter in compost produced with municipal solid wastes
The total content of six heavy metals (Cu, Zn, Pb, Cr, Ni and Cd), the Cd/Zn ratio and the zinc equivalent were determined for composts produced from municipal solid waste (MSW) both with and withoutExpand
Use of biochemical indices in the mediterranean environment: comparison among soils under different forest vegetation.
Soils with above-ground diversity were characterised by high mineralization activity when compared with those sampled under monospecific vegetation, and the q(CO2), indicator of the stability of ecosystems, was enhanced by plant diversity, while the Cmic:Corg ratio was reduced. Expand
Humus and Enzyme Activity
Publisher Summary A level of extracellular enzyme activity exists in soil. Enzymes secreted by living cells during normal cell activity, leaked from extant cells, or released from lysed cells, areExpand
A risk-based methodology for deriving quality standards for organic contaminants in sewage sludge for use in agriculture--Conceptual Framework.
  • D. Schowanek, R. Carr, +7 authors S. Webb
  • Environmental Science, Medicine
  • Regulatory toxicology and pharmacology : RTP
  • 1 December 2004
This paper describes a systematic methodology (Conceptual Framework) to derive quality standards for organic (anthropogenic) contaminants in sewage sludge added to agricultural land, in the contextExpand
Metabolomic characterization of Italian sweet pepper (Capsicum annum L.) by means of HRMAS-NMR spectroscopy and multivariate analysis.
HRMAS-NMR spectroscopy proved to be a complementary analysis to standard tools used in food science and, in principle, can be applied to any foodstuff. Expand