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Characterization and Properties of Natural Fiber Polymer Composites: A Comprehensive Review
This paper first discusses various fabrication techniques employed for the production of these composites and then presents a detailed review of the research devoted to the analysis of their structure and properties by a variety of characterization techniques. Expand
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Characterization of raw and alkali treated new natural cellulosic fiber from Coccinia grandis.L.
The physical, chemical, tensile, crystalline, thermal, and surface morphological properties of raw and alkali treated Coccinia Grandis.L Fibers (CGFs) were characterized for the first time in thisExpand
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Characterization of New Natural Cellulosic Fiber from the Bark of Dichrostachys Cinerea
ABSTRACT The increasing environmental awareness has directed attention of the researchers towards the field of natural fiber composites. The aim of this investigation is to understand theExpand
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Study on characterization of Furcraea foetida new natural fiber as composite reinforcement for lightweight applications.
The exploration of new natural fibers in the field of polymer composites can contribute to increase the invention of natural reinforcements and expand their use in possible applications. In theExpand
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Characterization of new natural cellulosic fiber from the Perotis indica plant
ABSTRACT This investigation summarizes the characteristics of biofiber extracted from the Perotis indica plant. Cellulose content (68.4 wt%), density (785 kg m−3), crystallinity index (48.3%),Expand
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Characterization of raw and alkali treated new natural cellulosic fibres extracted from the aerial roots of banyan tree.
The objective of this investigation is to check the suitability novel cellulosic fibre extracted from the aerial roots of Banyan tree (ARBFs) as reinforcement in fibre reinforced plastics. TheExpand
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Synthesis and characterization of cellulosic fiber from red banana peduncle as reinforcement for potential applications
ABSTRACT Natural fiber-reinforced polymer composites (NRPCs) are replacing many synthetic fibers because of their cheap availability and their hygienic, ecological, biodegradable, and sustainableExpand
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Polymer matrix-natural fiber composites: An overview
Abstract The study of polymer matrix composites had become an important topic for academic and industrial research. The current thrust for materials which are environmental friendly and biodegradableExpand
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Extraction and Characterization of New Natural Cellulosic Chloris barbata Fiber
ABSTRACT Natural swollen finger grass fibers being novel are botanically known as “Chloris barbata fibers (CBFs)” and are selected for this study in order to understand their morphologicalExpand
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A review on synthesis and characterization of commercially available natural fibers: Part II
ABSTRACT Increasing environmental concerns, along with the potential declination of the crude worldwide reserves, have made the human beings to utilize more regenerable resources to substitute forExpand
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