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Historical Understanding among Adolescents in a Multicultural Setting
ABSTRACTThe author of this study examines six students' construction of historical knowledge as shaped by school and family. The author explores students' perceptions of the disjunctions andExpand
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Benchmarks of Historical Thinking: A Framework for Assessment in Canada
What should students know and be able to do when they are finished their years of school history? Surely, the accumulation of facts-to-be-remembered is not an adequate answer to the question. ManyExpand
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Students' Understanding of Historical Significance.
In order to write meaningful history, historians work implicitly with criteria of historical significance. In the past 20 years, those criteria have shifted considerably. In the first part of thisExpand
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The Community of Inquiry as a Basis for Knowledge and Learning: The Case of History
Science, social science, literary studies, philosophy, and history have all encountered challenges to the notion of “objectivity” in the wake of the Kuhnian revolution. These challenges, whichExpand
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Beyond 'content' and 'pedagogy': In search of a way to talk about history education
One of the least examined forms of school/university collaboration is that which brings together scholars in a given discipline and teachers in the corresponding school subject. The paperExpand
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Student Teachers Thinking Historically
Abstract Prescriptions for the reform of history education routinely advocate increased use of primary historical sources in the classroom, as being fundamental to the teaching of historicalExpand
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Benchmarks of Historical Thinking: First Steps
Although historical thinking has been the subject of a substantial body of recent research, few attempts explicitly apply the results on a large scale in North America. This article, a narrativeExpand
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Mapping the Terrain of Historical Significance.
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Knowing, teaching, and learning history : national and international perspectives
As issues of history and memory collide in our society and in the classroom, the time is ripe to rethink the place of history in our schools. Knowing, Teaching, and Learning History represents aExpand
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A Model of Historical Thinking
Abstract ‘Historical thinking’ has a central role in the theory and practice of history education. At a minimum, history educators must work with a model of historical thinking if they are toExpand
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