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Deep MR to CT Synthesis Using Unpaired Data
This work proposes to train a generative adversarial network (GAN) with unpaired MR and CT images to synthesize CT images that closely approximate reference CT images, and was able to outperform a GAN model trained with paired MR andCT images. Expand
MR-Only Brain Radiation Therapy: Dosimetric Evaluation of Synthetic CTs Generated by a Dilated Convolutional Neural Network.
D dose calculations performed on the synthetic computed tomography images generated with a dilated convolutional neural network are accurate and can therefore be used for MR-only intracranial radiation therapy treatment planning, according to Dosimetric evaluation. Expand
Magnetic resonance imaging of brain angiogenesis after stroke
Recent advances in the field of MR imaging that are aimed at assessment of tissue perfusion and microvascular characteristics, including cerebral blood flow and volume, vascular density, size and integrity are reviewed. Expand
Superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles encapsulated in biodegradable thermosensitive polymeric micelles: toward a targeted nanomedicine suitable for image-guided drug delivery.
The ability of biodegradable thermosensitive polymeric micelles to stably encapsulate hydrophobic oleic-acid-coated SPIONs (diameter 5-10 nm) was investigated, to result in a system fulfilling the requirements for systemic administration. Expand
Deep learning–based MR‐to‐CT synthesis: The influence of varying gradient echo–based MR images as input channels
To study the influence of gradient echo–based contrasts as input channels to a 3D patch‐based neural network trained for synthetic CT (sCT) generation in canine and human populations.
Feasibility of MR-only proton dose calculations for prostate cancer radiotherapy using a commercial pseudo-CT generation method.
Results suggest that accurate MR-based proton dose calculation using an automatic commercial bulk-assignment pCT generation method, originally designed for photon radiotherapy, is feasible following adaptation of the assigned pseudo-HU values. Expand
Highly localized positive contrast of small paramagnetic objects using 3D center‐out radial sampling with off‐resonance reception
A 3D imaging technique, applying center‐out RAdial Sampling with Off‐Resonance reception, to accurately depict and localize small paramagnetic objects with high positive contrast while suppressing long T2* components is presented. Expand
Quantification of confounding factors in MRI-based dose calculations as applied to prostate IMRT.
The proposed approach successfully identified and quantified the factors confounding accurate MRI-based dose calculation in the prostate and will be valuable for institutions interested in introducing MR-only dose planning in their clinical practice. Expand
Holmium-166 poly(L-lactic acid) microsphere radioembolisation of the liver: technical aspects studied in a large animal model
In the porcine model a scout dose of 166Ho-PLLA-MS can accurately predict the biodistribution of a treatment dose and Quantitative 166Ho SPECT was validated for clinical application. Expand
Evaluation of an automatic MR-based gold fiducial marker localisation method for MR-only prostate radiotherapy.
Automatic MR-based FM localisation is presented, based on template matching using a library of simulated complex-valued templates, and exploiting the behaviour of the complex MR signal in the vicinity of the FM to result in a semi-automatic workflow facilitating the introduction of an MR-only workflow. Expand