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Symbol Nomenclature for Graphical Representations of Glycans.
Author(s): Varki, Ajit; Cummings, Richard D; Aebi, Markus; Packer, Nicole H; Seeberger, Peter H; Esko, Jeffrey D; Stanley, Pamela; Hart, Gerald; Darvill, Alan; Kinoshita, Taroh; Prestegard, James J;Expand
Synthetic GPI as a candidate anti-toxic vaccine in a model of malaria
Synthetic GPI is shown to be a significant pro-inflammatory endotoxin of parasitic origin, and that several disease parameters in malarious mice are toxin-dependent, suggesting GPI may contribute to pathogenesis and fatalities in humans. Expand
Structures of the Complexes of a Potent Anti-HIV Protein Cyanovirin-N and High Mannose Oligosaccharides*
The crystal structures of recombinant CV-N complexed to Man-9 and a synthetic hexamannoside show unequivocally the binding geometry of high mannose sugars toCV-N, permitting a better understanding of carbohydrate binding to this potential new lead for the design of drugs against AIDS. Expand
Profiling heparin-chemokine interactions using synthetic tools.
In vitro homing assays indicate that multivalent synthetic heparin dendrimers inhibit the migration of lymphocytes toward certain chemokine gradients by blocking the formation of a Chemokine concentration gradient on GAG endothelial chains. Expand
The use of carbohydrate microarrays to study carbohydrate-cell interactions and to detect pathogens.
This system is ideal for whole-cell applications because microarrays present carbohydrate ligands in a manner that mimics interactions at cell-cell interfaces, which allows microarray-based screening of biological samples for contaminants and combinatorial libraries for antiadhesion therapeutics. Expand
Land of opportunity.
  • P. Seeberger
  • Biology, Medicine
  • ACS chemical biology
  • 21 August 2009
In vitro imaging and in vivo liver targeting with carbohydrate capped quantum dots.
PEGylated quantum dots (QDs) capped with d-mannose, d-galactose, and d-galactosamine have been synthesized. The stable, high quantum yield fluorescence of QDs was exploited to study specificExpand
Natural cytotoxicity receptors NKp30, NKp44 and NKp46 bind to different heparan sulfate/heparin sequences.
Heparan sulfate structural motifs that are important for NCR binding are elucidated and the relevance of synthetic HS/heparin for the binding of NCRs to tumor cells and forNCR-mediated activation of natural killer cells is shown. Expand
A mannan binding lectin is involved in cell–cell attachment in a toxic strain of Microcystis aeruginosa
This study provides the first experimental evidence that microcystins may have an impact on Microcystis colony formation that is highly important for the competitive advantage of MicroCystis over other phytoplankton species. Expand
Synthesis and medical applications of oligosaccharides
Synthetic tools and high-throughput experiments such as carbohydrate arrays are beginning to affect biological research, and are being applied to the development of carbohydrate-based diagnostics, vaccines and therapeutics. Expand