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Initiation of myoblast/brown fat switch through a PRDM16-C/EBP-β transcriptional complex
Brown adipose cells are specialized to dissipate chemical energy in the form of heat, as a physiological defence against cold and obesity. PRDM16 (PR domain containing 16) is a 140 kDa zinc fingerExpand
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Regulation of the brown and white fat gene programs through a PRDM16/CtBP transcriptional complex.
Brown fat is a specialized tissue that can dissipate energy and counteract obesity through a pattern of gene expression that greatly increases mitochondrial content and uncoupled respiration. PRDM16Expand
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Brown and Beige Fat: Physiological Roles beyond Heat Generation.
Since brown adipose tissue (BAT) dissipates energy through UCP1, BAT has garnered attention as a therapeutic intervention for obesity and metabolic diseases including type 2 diabetes. As we betterExpand
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The struggle for Syria: A study of post-war Arab politics, 1945-1958
Note on Sources. Foreword by Albert Hourani. Introduction to New Edition. 1. Introduction. 2. The Hashimites and the Fertile Crescent. 3. Egypt and Arab Unity. 4. The Overthrow of the VeteranExpand
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Asad: The Struggle for the Middle East
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A PRDM16-Driven Metabolic Signal from Adipocytes Regulates Precursor Cell Fate.
The precursor cells for metabolically beneficial beige adipocytes can alternatively become fibrogenic and contribute to adipose fibrosis. We found that cold exposure or β3-adrenergic agonistExpand
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The Syria-Israel Negotiations: Who Is Telling the Truth?
On 8 December 1999, President Clinton announced that Syrian-Israeli negotiations were to resume "where they left off" and "on the basis of all previous negotiations between the United States andExpand
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EBF2 transcriptionally regulates brown adipogenesis via the histone reader DPF3 and the BAF chromatin remodeling complex.
The transcription factor early B-cell factor 2 (EBF2) is an essential mediator of brown adipocyte commitment and terminal differentiation. However, the mechanisms by which EBF2 regulates chromatin toExpand
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p107 Is a Crucial Regulator for Determining the Adipocyte Lineage Fate Choices of Stem Cells
Thermogenic (beige and brown) adipocytes protect animals against obesity and metabolic disease. However, little is known about the mechanisms that commit stem cells toward different adipocyteExpand
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Japanese Respiratory Society - 41st annual meeting. 6-9 April 2001, Tokyo, Japan.
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  • 1 July 2001
This was a large meeting, attracting over 4000 delegates, the majority of whom came from Japan. For the first time, the meeting had an international program, featuring invited speakers from Europe,Expand
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