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Constructing Dutch Immigrant Policy: Research–Policy Relations and Immigrant Integration Policy-Making in the Netherlands
The development of Dutch immigrant policy over the past decades has been characterised by the rise and fall of several policy frames. The role that social researchers and research institutes haveExpand
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Framing Immigrant Integration: Dutch Research-Policy Dialogues in Comparative Perspective
Debatten over de integratie van immigranten vervallen vaak in wat academici en politici 'nationale modellen van integratie ' noemen, omdat onderzoekers en beleidsmakers verlangen naar een herkenbareExpand
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Agenda dynamics and the multi-level governance of intractable policy controversies: the case of migrant integration policies in the Netherlands
This article focuses on the relation between agenda dynamics and multi-level governance for a specific type of policy problems: intractable policy controversies. It discusses migrant integrationExpand
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A Local Dimension of Integration Policies? A Comparative Study of Berlin, Malmö, and Rotterdam
This study examines three theses on local integration policies by a qualitative comparative case study of integration policies in three cities in three different countries (Berlin, Malmö, andExpand
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Bonding, bridging and ethnic minorities in the Netherlands: changing discourses in a changing nation
The discourse on the integration of ethnic minorities in the Netherlands has undergone profound changes over the past few decades. This article analyses how discourses in politics and academia haveExpand
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Adaptation to climate change in the insurance sector: examples from the UK, Germany and the Netherlands
Adaptation to climate change, particularly flood risks, may come to pose large challenges in the future and will require cooperation among a range of stakeholders. However, there presently existsExpand
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The Role of Narratives in Migration Policy-Making: A Research Framework
While debates on migration policy often revolve around rival values and interests, they also invoke knowledge claims about the causes, dynamics and impacts of migration. Such claims are bestExpand
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The political flow of wisdom: science institutions as policy venues in The Netherlands
Abstract This paper deals with the different roles that scientific knowledge can play in shaping and redefining policy images, focusing on two quite distinct policy fields in The Netherlands:Expand
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Between National Models and Multi-Level Decoupling: The Pursuit of Multi-Level Governance in Dutch and UK Policies Towards Migrant Incorporation
Although attention to the local level of integration policymaking has increased recently, thus far, very few studies have focused on vertical ‘multi-level’ relations between policy levels and theExpand
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