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Statistical mechanics of inhomogeneous fluids
The nature of the microscopic stress tensor in an inhomogeneous fluid is discussed, with emphasis on the statistical mechanics of drops. Changes in free energy for isothermal deformations of a fluidExpand
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Wilson theory of a liquid-vapour critical point
Abstract It is shown how one may apply the Wilson theory to a liquid-vapour critical point. A fixed point, related to that of the Ising model and giving the same indices, is located.
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Molecular dynamics simulation of a chemical reaction in solution
We have carried out a study, using the molecular dynamics simulation technique, of a simple model describing a chemical reaction in solution. The model consists of a three body reaction complex, inExpand
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Theory of Thermal Neutron Scattering – the Use of Neutrons for the Investigation of Condensed Matter
W Marshall and S W Lovesay Oxford: University Press 1971 pp xxiii + 599 price £12 This is a very important addition to the literature of solid state physics. Although, as the title implies, mostExpand
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Wavelength-dependent fluctuations in classical fluids: I. The long wavelength limit
A discussion is given of the properties of correlation functions for wavelength-dependent fluctuations of density, energy, stress, etc. in a classical fluid. Three separate but related topics areExpand
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Computer simulation studies of the liquid state
Abstract Computer programmes have been developed for the simulation of atomic motion in liquids using the molecular dynamics method. The aims of this work are to study the relationship between theExpand
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A study of the spatial structure of turbulent flow by intensity-fluctuation spectroscopy
The spectrum of intensity fluctuations of laser light scattered from small particles in a turbulent water flow has been used to investigate the spatial distribution of velocity. Data on the spatialExpand
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