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Pharmacological Promiscuity: Dependence on Compound Properties and Target Specificity in a Set of Recent Roche Compounds
What parameters determine promiscuity? A compound's potential for promiscuity (pharmacological activity at multiple targets) may be influenced by molecular parameters such as ionization state,Expand
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The Partition Spanning Forest Problem
We analyze the complexity of the partition spanning forest problem for color classes of bounded size. Expand
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Design and synthesis of a novel, achiral class of highly potent and selective, orally active neurokinin-1 receptor antagonists.
The discovery of a novel, achiral pyridine class of potent and orally active neurokinin-1 (NK(1)) receptor antagonists is described. The evaluation of this class is briefly outlined, leading to theExpand
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Whipple's disease: comparison of histology with diagnosis based on polymerase chain reaction in four consecutive cases.
BACKGROUND: Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) based detection of species specific sequences of the 16S rRNA gene of Tropheryma whippelii is a recently described method for diagnosis of Whipple'sExpand
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Sharing a Pizza: Bisecting Masses with Two Cuts
We show the following extension of the well-known Ham-sandwich theorem: Given four mass distributions in Rd can be simultaneously bisected with two lines. Expand
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A generalization of crossing families
  • P. Schnider
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  • 24 February 2017
We show that every set of n points in general position has a spoke set of size $\sqrt{\frac{n}{8}}$. Expand
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Greatly Simplified Procedures for the Synthesis of alpha-Amino Acids by the Direct Alkylation of Pseudoephedrine Glycinamide Hydrate.
A modified procedure for the synthesis of highly enantiomerically enriched alpha-amino acids is described that involves the direct alkylation of pseudoephedrine glycinamide hydrate (1.H(2)O) followedExpand
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Discovery of highly selective brain-penetrant vasopressin 1a antagonists for the potential treatment of autism via a chemogenomic and scaffold hopping approach.
From a micromolar high throughput screening hit 7, the successful complementary application of a chemogenomic approach and of a scaffold hopping exercise rapidly led to a low single digit nanomolarExpand
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Characterization of RO4583298 as a novel potent, dual antagonist with in vivo activity at tachykinin NK1 and NK3 receptors
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Clinical results of osanetant and talnetant (selective‐NK3 antagonists) indicate that blocking the NK3 receptor could be beneficial for the treatment of schizophrenia. TheExpand
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ROCK: the Roche medicinal chemistry knowledge application - design, use and impact.
Medicinal chemistry is a complex science that lies at the interface of many fields of research and at the very heart of drug discovery, with property relationships based on chemical structure at itsExpand
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