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Reference values of mechanical and thermal pain tests in a pain-free population.
Quantitative sensory tests are widely used in human research to evaluate the effect of analgesics and explore altered pain mechanisms, such as central sensitization. In order to apply these tests inExpand
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The nociceptive withdrawal reflex: Normative values of thresholds and reflex receptive fields
Assessments of spinal nociceptive withdrawal reflexes can be used in human research both to evaluate the effect of analgesics and explore pain mechanisms related to sensitization. Before the reflexExpand
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Will East Germany Become a New Mezzogiorno
Abstract Despite massive regional policy efforts, GDP per capita in Southern Italy has only briefly converged on Northern Italian levels in the 1960's. Failure of convergence since then is associatedExpand
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Capital Structure in South Korea: A Quantile Regression Approach
Knowledge of how South Korean firms choose their capital structures has particular value due to the country's specific corporate structure and the role of leverage in the evolution of its financialExpand
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Investment Irreversibility and Finance Constraints
This paper analyzes the investment behavior of firms in the presence of irreversibility and of a dividend payout constraint. Estimation of investment equations for a panel of U.K. firms shows thatExpand
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Non-linearity in the determinants of capital structure: evidence from UK firms
We demonstrate that, by exploiting more fully the distribution of leverage, conditional quantile regression methods yield new insights into the choice of leverage ratio. For UK listed companies weExpand
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Overlapping Generations and Environmental Control
Abstract This paper sets forth a continuous-time OLG model in order to analyze intertemporal trade-offs in the use of environmental resources. This theoretical framework proves to be particularlyExpand
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Measuring vulnerability to food insecurity
This paper develops a novel approach to the analysis of vulnerability in the context of food security. The proposed methodology incorporates recent developments in the analysis of risk management. ItExpand
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Factor analysis of responses to thermal, electrical, and mechanical painful stimuli supports the importance of multi-modal pain assessment
&NA; During the last decade, a multi‐modal approach has been established in human experimental pain research for assessing pain thresholds and responses to various experimental pain modalities.Expand
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Effect of intravenous tropisetron on modulation of pain and central hypersensitivity in chronic low back pain patients
Summary Single‐dose intravenous administration of tropisetron in patients with chronic low back pain failed to affect the intensity of pain and parameters of central hypersensitivity. Abstract TheExpand
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