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Differentially Methylated Region-Representational Difference Analysis (DMR-RDA): A Powerful Method to Identify DMRs in Uncharacterized Genomes.
Over the last years, it has become increasingly clear that environmental influences can affect the epigenomic landscape and that some epigenetic variants can have heritable, phenotypic effects. WhileExpand
Study of primary photosynthetic reactions in winter wheat cultivars after cold hardening and freezing. effect of salicylic acid
SASHEVA, P., R. YORDANOVA, T. JANDA, G. SZALAI and L. MASLENKOVA, 2013. Study of primary photosynthetic reactions in winter wheat cultivars after cold hardening and freezing. Effect of salicylicExpand
Linum narbonense: A new valuable tool for biotechnological production of a potent anticancer lignan Justicidine B
Background: Arylnaphthalene lignan Justicidin B is a lead compound in the management of bone cancer and osteoclastogenesis. The compound is the main cytotoxic principle of rare medicinal plant LinumExpand
Cytotoxic effect of the biotechnologically-derived justicidin B on human lymphoma cells
Purpose of work: The study was aimed to assess the antineoplastic activity of justicidin B in vitro and to search for its general toxicological profile in vivo. The anti-neoplastic activity of theExpand
Small Cells for Big Ideas: The Cytotoxic Podophyllotoxin and the Long Journey in Discovering Its Biosynthetic Pathway
For more than 70 years the plant-derived cytotoxic podophyllotoxin is still a focal point for many research groups. The relationship between the structure of podophyllotoxin and podophyllotoxinExpand
Methyl Jasmonate Induces Enhanced Podophyllotoxin Production in Cell Cultures of Thracian Flax (Linum thracicum ssp. thracicum)
The Linum thracicum ssp. thracicum cell lines developed in this study are a feasible source for the sustainable production of podophyllotoxin, a lignan with an aryltetralin skeleton that is used forExpand
Combined Control of the Bioprocess for Production of C-glycosylflavones from Linum thracicum in Bioreactor
The high intake of foods and beverages rich in polyphenols, especially in flavonoids, has been associated with decreased risk of neoplasm. Luteolin shows therapeutic potential as a lead anticancerExpand