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Cases of scrapie with unusual features in Norway and designation of a new type, Nor98
Western blot analysis showed that the glycotype of the Nor98 scrapie strain was different from other known scrapie strains and from the BSE strain, indicating that this type of scrapie, designated Nor98, could have been overlooked and may be of significance for sampling in scrapie surveillance programmes. Expand
Early accumulation of PrP(Sc) in gut-associated lymphoid and nervous tissues of susceptible sheep from a Romanov flock with natural scrapie.
The pathogenesis of scrapie was investigated in sheep of three PrP genotypes, from 2 to 9 months of age, which were born and raised together in a naturally scrapie-affected Romanov flock to suggest that natural scrapie infection occurs by the oral route via infection of the Peyer's patches followed by replication in the GALT. Expand
Variations in deep-sea hydrothermal vent communities on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge near the Azores plateau
Near the Azores Triple Junction as the Azores Plateau is approached, the ridge axis becomes shallower; its depth decreases from ca. 2400 m in the Rainbow vent field (36°13′N) to ca. 850 m in theExpand
A review of the distribution of hydrothermal vent communities along the northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge: dispersal vs. environmental controls
Until 1985, seven vent fields were described from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (MAR). An eighth field, Mount Saldanha (36° N), discovered in 1998, showed unusual geological and biological settings. VentExpand
BSE agent signatures in a goat
Seven French laboratories have analysed 438 brain samples from confirmed cases of TSE in sheep and goats, documenting the potential presence of the agent in small ruminants, sheep and goat, as well as cattle. Expand
Long term behaviour and degradation kinetics of tributyltin in a marina sediment.
Sediment cores sampled in a marina have been submitted to extensive characterization and organotin speciation and a first order multi-step kinetic model of the sequential degradation of TBT in, successively, DBT, MBT and Sn (IV) is proposed. Expand
Chemical environment of the hydrothermal mussel communities in the Lucky Strike and Menez Gwen vent fields, Mid Atlantic Ridge
Water samples were collected around the communities of a hydrothermal mussel, Bathymodiolus sp., in the Lucky Strike (1700 m depth) and Menez Gwen (850 m depth) areas, Mid Atlantic Ridge, andExpand
Shallow water hydrothermal vent field fluids and communities of the D. João de Castro Seamount (Azores)
D. Joao de Castro seamount has an elevation of 1000 m and is located between the islands of Terceira and Sao Miguel, Azores, on the hyper-slow spreading Terceira Rift. The summit of the seamountExpand
A newly identified type of scrapie agent can naturally infect sheep with resistant PrP genotypes.
Observations support the view that a truly infectious TSE agent, unrecognized until recently, infects sheep and goat flocks and may have important implications in terms of scrapie control and public health. Expand
Biology and ecology of the “Pompeii worm” (Alvinella pompejana Desbruyères and Laubier), a normal dweller of an extreme deep-sea environment: A synthesis of current knowledge and recent developments
Abstract Alvinella pompejana, the “Pompeii worm” lives on active hydrothermal edifices at deep-sea vents of the East Pacific Rise. The physical and chemical patterns of its microhabitat wereExpand