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Vertical geometric irregularity in stepped building frames
Abstract ‘Stepped building’ frames, with vertical geometric irregularity, are now increasingly encountered in modern urban construction. This paper proposes a new method of quantifying irregularityExpand
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De-differentiation of primary human hepatocytes depends on the composition of specialized liver basement membrane
Basement membrane (BM) is a highly specialized extracellular matrix (ECM), which is associated with epithelia and endothelia. BM provide epithelia with structural support and also regulate cellExpand
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Relaxin increases ubiquitin-dependent degradation of fibronectin in vitro and ameliorates renal fibrosis in vivo.
Fibronectin, a large adhesive glycoprotein, is a prominent constituent of the extracellular matrix. Abnormalities in fibronectin homeostasis occur in numerous disease states, ranging from primaryExpand
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Intrathoracic migration of a Kirschner wire.
When Kirschner wires are used in fixation of a dislocated sternoclavicular joint, disappearance of a wire beneath the skin demands urgent attention.
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Enhancement of properties of recycled coarse aggregate concrete using bacteria
ABSTRACT Due to rapid construction, necessity for raw materials of concrete, especially coarse aggregate, tends to increase the danger of early exhaustion of the natural resources. An alternativeExpand
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Hemangiopericytoma of Greater Omentum Presenting as a Huge Abdominal Lump
Hemangiopericytoma is a rare neoplasm that can occur in any part of the human body, but it rarely develops in the greater omentum. We report a case of a patient who presented with a huge abdominalExpand
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Effect of Nonureolytic Bacteria on Engineering Properties of Cement Mortar
AbstractBacterially induced mineral precipitation is a general phenomenon in nature. Ureolytic bacteria have been used in many studies as an environmentally friendly method for the protection and i...
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Measurement of 241Am–Be spectra (bare and Pb-covered) using TLD pairs in multi-spheres: Spectrum unfolding by different methods
Abstract The neutron spectra from a Pb-covered and a bare (without Pb-cover) 241 Am–Be (α,n) source were measured using thermoluminescent detector (TLD) pairs of 6 LiF and 7 LiF with high-densityExpand
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Bilateral tension pneumothoraces following coronary artery bypass grafting.
It is an unusual case of bilateral tension pneumothoraces developing in the postoperative period in a patient who underwent total arterial revascularization for two vessel coronary artery disease.Expand
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