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Discrepancies between Sexual Desire and Sexual Activity: Gender Differences and Associations with Relationship Satisfaction
In both sexes, sexual satisfaction with vaginal intercourse as well as kissing and petting was positively associated with relationship satisfaction, whereas higher desired and actual frequency of masturbation were negatively associated withrelationship satisfaction. Expand
The Adult Body: How Age, Gender, and Body Mass Index Are Related to Body Image
It was proposed that it is insufficient to merely study how age affects general body image because adults might become more satisfied with some aspects of their bodies as a function of age and less satisfied with other aspects. Expand
The Structure of Crime-Scene Actions in Finnish Homicides
The structure of crime-scene actions in Finnish homicides was analyzed using the theoretical distinction between instrumental and expressive aggression. Thirty-eight crime-scene actions were derivedExpand
Common Genetic Effects of Gender Atypical Behavior in Childhood and Sexual Orientation in Adulthood: A Study of Finnish Twins
Quantitative genetic analyses showed that variation in both childhood gender atypical behavior and adult sexual orientation was partly due to genetics, with the rest being explained by nonshared environmental effects. Expand
Crime scene actions and offender characteristics in a sample of Finnish stranger rapes
The crime scene actions employed by offenders in stranger rapes were analysed in relation to offender characteristics. Data were drawn from an official police database and consisted of stranger rapesExpand
Female sexual dysfunction, sexual distress, and compatibility with partner.
The findings highlight the importance of addressing partner compatibility for successful treatment and counseling of female sexual dysfunctions and the associations between partner compatibility and female sexual function and sexual distress. Expand
Sadomasochistically Oriented Behavior: Diversity in Practice and Meaning
Humiliation was significantly associated more with females and with heterosexual orientation in men, while hypermasculinity was associated with males and with homosexual orientation inMen. Expand
Classifying homicide offenders and predicting their characteristics from crime scene behavior.
A theoretical distinction between instrumental and expressive aggression was used in analyzing offender characteristics and their associations with crime scene actions in Finnish homicides, with Expressive themes being associated with less denial as well as a greater likelihood of surrendering and confession. Expand
Female Sexual Function and Its Associations with Number of Children, Pregnancy, and Relationship Satisfaction
Associations between number of children, pregnancy, and overall relationship satisfaction were explored in a population-based sample of 2081 women, aged 33–43 years. Multiparous women had less orgasmExpand
Evidence for heritability of adult men's sexual interest in youth under age 16 from a population-based extended twin design.
The present study provides the first indication that genetic influences may play a role in shaping sexual interest toward children and adolescents among adult men. Expand