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A back migration from Asia to sub-Saharan Africa is supported by high-resolution analysis of human Y-chromosome haplotypes.
The variation of 77 biallelic sites located in the nonrecombining portion of the Y chromosome was examined in 608 male subjects from 22 African populations. This survey revealed a total of 37 binaryExpand
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Phylogeographic analysis of haplogroup E3b (E-M215) y chromosomes reveals multiple migratory events within and out of Africa.
We explored the phylogeography of human Y-chromosomal haplogroup E3b by analyzing 3401 individuals from five continents. Our data refine the phylogeny of the entire haplogroup, which appears as aExpand
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Tracing past human male movements in northern/eastern Africa and western Eurasia: new clues from Y-chromosomal haplogroups E-M78 and J-M12.
Detailed population data were obtained on the distribution of novel biallelic markers that finely dissect the human Y-chromosome haplogroup E-M78. Among 6,501 Y chromosomes sampled in 81 humanExpand
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Extreme particle acceleration in the microquasar Cygnus X-3
Super-massive black holes in active galaxies can accelerate particles to relativistic energies, producing jets with associated γ-ray emission. Galactic ‘microquasars’, which are binary systemsExpand
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Combined use of biallelic and microsatellite Y-chromosome polymorphisms to infer affinities among African populations.
To define Y-chromosome haplotypes, we studied seven biallelic polymorphic sites. We combined data with those from four dinucleotide-repeat polymorphisms, to establish Y-chromosome compoundExpand
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Human Y-chromosome variation in the western Mediterranean area: implications for the peopling of the region.
Y-chromosome variation was analyzed in a sample of 1127 males from the Western Mediterranean area by surveying 16 biallelic and 4 multiallelic sites. Some populations from Northeastern Europe and theExpand
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Patterns of male‐specific inter‐population divergence in Europe, West Asia and North Africa
We typed 1801 males from 55 locations for the Y‐specific binary markers YAP, DYZ3, SRY10831 and the (CA)n microsatellites YCAII and DYS413. Phylogenetic relationships of chromosomes with the sameExpand
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AGILE detection of delayed gamma-ray emission from GRB 080514B
GRB 080514B is the first gamma ray burst (GRB), since the time o f EGRET, for which individual photons of energy above several tens of MeV have been detected with a pair-conversion tracker telescope.Expand
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Characterization of a Small Family (CAIII) of Microsatellite-Containing Sequences with X-Y Homology
Abstract. Four X-linked loci showing homology with a previously described Y-linked polymorphic locus (DYS413) were identified and characterized. By fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH), somaticExpand
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