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Predicting Elections with Twitter: What 140 Characters Reveal about Political Sentiment
It is found that the mere number of messages mentioning a party reflects the election result, and joint mentions of two parties are in line with real world political ties and coalitions. Expand
Necessity and Opportunity Entrepreneurs and Their Duration in Self-employment: Evidence from German Micro Data
Using data from the German Socio-Economic Panel Study (GSOEP), we analyze whether necessity entrepreneurs differ from opportunity entrepreneurs in terms of self-employment duration. Using univariateExpand
Election Forecasts With Twitter
This study investigates whether microblogging messages on Twitter validly mirror the political landscape off-line and can be used to predict election results. In the context of the 2009 GermanExpand
Trademarks and Venture Capital Valuation
This study investigates the role of trademarks in the start-up valuations of venture capitalists (VCs). Our results show that the number and breadth of trademark applications have inverted U-shapedExpand
News or Noise? Using Twitter to Identify and Understand Company‐Specific News Flow
It is demonstrated that the returns prior to good news events are more pronounced than for bad news events, and that the stock market impact of news events differs substantially across different categories. Expand
Why Do SMEs File Trademarks? Insights from Firms in Innovative Industries
Trademark filings have increased markedly over time. Although prior research has investigated the outcomes of trademark registration, including its effects on firm market valuation and productivity,Expand
What is the Effect of the Financial Crisis on Venture Capital Financing? Empirical Evidence from US Internet Start-Ups
Employing a large dataset of venture capital investments in US Internet firms, we analyse the effect of the current financial crisis on the venture capital market. Using regression analysis, we findExpand
Patents, Trademarks, and Their Complementarity in Venture Capital Funding
This paper analyzes the effects of patents and trademarks in the financing of start-ups through venture capitalists (VCs). Patents and trademarks signal a start-up’s technological and marketingExpand
How Do Risk Attitudes Differ within the Group of Entrepreneurs? The Role of Motivation and Procedural Utility
Starting a business involves risk and, thus, requires a risk‐taking attitude. The concept of risk and entrepreneurship has been widely discussed in the entrepreneurship literature; most studiesExpand
Tweets and Trades: The Information Content of Stock Microblogs
Microblogging forums (e.g., Twitter) have become a vibrant online platform for exchanging stock‐related information. Using methods from computational linguistics, we analyse roughly 250,000Expand