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Human Factors Methods: A Practical Guide for Engineering and Design
This second edition of Human Factors Methods: A Practical Guide for Engineering and Design now presents 107 design and evaluation methods as well as numerous refinements to those that featured in the original. Expand
What really is going on? Review of situation awareness models for individuals and teams
The concept of situation awareness (SA) is frequently described in the literature. Theoretically, it remains predominantly an individual construct and the majority of the models presented describe SAExpand
Measuring Situation Awareness in complex systems: Comparison of measures study
Abstract Assessing operator situation awareness is a key component of sociotechnical system design and evaluation. This article describes a study that was undertaken in order to compare two differentExpand
Distributed situation awareness in dynamic systems: theoretical development and application of an ergonomics methodology
The purpose of this paper is to propose foundations for a theory of situation awareness based on the analysis of interactions between agents (i.e. both human and non-human) in subsystems. ThisExpand
Situation awareness measurement: a review of applicability for C4i environments.
The construct of situation awareness (SA) has become a core theme within the human factors (HF) research community. Consequently, there have been numerous attempts to develop reliable and validExpand
Human error taxonomies applied to driving: A generic driver error taxonomy and its implications for intelligent transport systems
Recent research indicates that driver error contributes to up to 75% of all roadway crashes. Despite this, only relatively little is currently known about the types of errors that drivers make and ofExpand
Is situation awareness all in the mind?
This paper addresses the fundamental discipline theoretic question of whether situation awareness is a phenomenon best described by psychology, engineering or systems ergonomics. Each of theseExpand
Distributed Situation Awareness: Theory, Measurement and Application to Teamwork
Having an accurate understanding of what is going on is a key commodity for teams working within military systems. 'Situation awareness' (SA) is the term that is used within human factors circles toExpand
Systems-based accident analysis methods: A comparison of Accimap, HFACS, and STAMP
Three accident causation models, each with their own associated approach to accident analysis, currently dominate the human factors literature. Although the models are in general agreement thatExpand
Examining the relationship between driver distraction and driving errors: a discussion of theory, studies and methods
Over the past two decades the concept of driver distraction has been the focus of intense research attention. One aspect of distraction for which there has been limited systematic research, however,Expand