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Ethical Lawyering Across Canada's Legal Traditions
This article examines the extent to which a "reconceptualization" from the deontological and consequentialist paradigms that characterize traditional legal ethics discourse, even as it attempts toExpand
The Common Law – A Dynamic and Messy Process
The author reviews Prof. Allan C. Hutchinson's "Is Eating People Wrong?: Great Legal Cases and How they Shaped the World" (Cambridge University Press, 2011).
Improving Wrongful Conviction Review: Lessons from a Comparative Analysis of Continental Criminal Procedure
The study of wrongful conviction has yielded much evidence outlining various causes of wrongful conviction common to most, if not all, criminal justice systems. In this article, the author considersExpand
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A Virtuous Profession: Re-Conceptualizing Legal Ethics from a Virtue-Based Moral Philosophy
Much of what passes for legal ethics instruction consists of a review of professional codes of conduct and rhetorical debates about hypothetical dilemmas. In this essay, the author argues that legalExpand
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Statutory Interpretation by Tribunals
In Canada, administrative tribunals are creatures of statutes, and exercise statutory powers for a wide variety of public purposes. As such, statutory interpretation is among their core functions,Expand
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