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Cyclic voltammetric studies of certain industrially potential iron chelate catalysts
Abstract Cyclic voltammetry of iron-EDTA and iron-DETPA, in different supporting electrolytes showed electrochemical reversibility in ammonium citrate at pH 8.0, while quasi-reversible nature wasExpand
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Gelation characteristics of middle-distillates at low temperatures. Effect of composition
The compound type analysis of the saturates, urea non-adductables (non n-paraffins concentrate) and aromatic components of the 25°C narrow sub-fractions of the Bombay-High middle-distillateExpand
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Correlation of pour point of gas oil and vacuum gas oil fractions with compositional parameters
We have carried out a detailed investigation of the pour points (PPt) of gas oil (GO) (250-375 °C boiling range) and vacuum gas oil (VGO) (375-500 °C) fractions obtained from Bombay High crude oil.Expand
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Crystallization behaviour of n-paraffins in Bombay-High middle-distillate wax/gel
Abstract The crystallization behaviour of n-paraffins in the waxes obtained from the middle distillate of Bombay-High crude oil has been studied using X-ray diffractometry and photomicrography. TheExpand
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Synthesis and polarographic reduction of ytterbium(III) anthranilate and nicotinate complexes in aqueous-non aqueous mixtures at D. M. E
The stoichiometry of the compounds formed by the interaction of Yb(III) perchlorate with anthranilate and nicotinate have been investigated by means of amperometric titrations. The titration curveExpand
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Phase transitions in middle-distillate waxes: effect of a pour-point depressant additive
Abstract The phase transition temperatures and energies of petroleum waxes derived from Bombay High middle distillate were determined. The effects of iso- and cycloparaffins and aromatics,Expand
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One-Pot Syntheses of Heterocycles Containing 1,4-Thiazine Nucleus
One-pot syntheses of heterocycles containing 1,4-thiazine nucleus by the condensation of 5-fluoro-3-methyl-2-amino-benzenethiol with 5,5-dimethyl cyclohexane-1,3-dione, 4-hydroxy coumarin, Chloranil,Expand
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Wax crystallization and gel formation in middle distillates
Etude de la temperature de cristallisation et de la formation de gel colloidal dans les n-alcanes a haut point de fusion, en presence de quatre solvants differents: deux sont derives de fractionsExpand
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Synthesis of title compounds by the Smiles rearrangement has been reported. 1-Methyl3,7-disubstituted phenothiazines have been prepared by the Smiles rearrangement ofExpand
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Coordination Behaviour of Schiff Bases of Sulfa Frugs Towards Stannic Ion
Abstract The coordination behaviour of Schiff bases derived from salicylaldehyde and some well known sulfa drugs, viz., sulfa-thiazole, sulfaphenazole, sulfadiazine, sulfaquianidine and 2-Expand
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