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Biased diffusion in confined media: test of the Fick-Jacobs approximation and validity criteria.
This work studies biased, diffusive transport of Brownian particles through narrow, spatially periodic structures in which the motion is constrained in lateral directions and establishes a validity criterion in terms of the shape of the structure and of the applied force. Expand
Entropic stochastic resonance.
The presence of uneven boundaries, giving rise to an entropic contribution to the potential, may upon application of a periodic driving force result in an increase of the spectral amplification at an optimum value of the ambient noise level. Expand
Diffusion in confined geometries.
This work reports on recent advances in the theoretical and numerical investigation of stochastic transport occurring either in microsized geometries of varying cross sections or in narrow channels wherein the diffusing particles are hindered from passing each other (single-file diffusion). Expand
Entropic transport: kinetics, scaling, and control mechanisms.
It is shown that transport in the presence of entropic barriers exhibits peculiar characteristics which makes it distinctly different from that occurring through energy barriers, and this interesting property can be utilized to effectively control transport through quasi-one-dimensional structures in which irregularities or tortuosity of the boundaries causeEntropic effects. Expand
Entropic particle transport in periodic channels
The regime of validity of the Fick-Jacobs equation is analyzed by means of analytical estimates and the comparisons with numerical results for the full two-dimensional stochastic dynamics for the nonlinear mobility and the effective diffusion constant. Expand
Entropic stochastic resonance: the constructive role of the unevenness
AbstractWe demonstrate the existence of stochastic resonance (SR) in confined systems arising from entropy variations associated to the presence of irregular boundaries. When the motion of a BrownianExpand
Entropic transport: a test bed for the Fick–Jacobs approximation
Biased diffusive transport of Brownian particles through irregularly shaped, narrow confining quasi-one-dimensional structures implies, for moderate-to-strong bias, a characteristic violation of the Sutherland–Einstein fluctuation–dissipation relation. Expand
Statistics of work performed on a forced quantum oscillator.
Various aspects of the statistics of work performed by an external classical force on a quantum mechanical system are elucidated for a driven harmonic oscillator and general fluctuation and work theorems holding for microcanonical and canonical initial states are confirmed. Expand
Entropic transport in energetic potentials
We study the transport of point size particles in micro-sized two-dimensional periodic channels, exhibiting periodically varying cross-sections. The particles are subjected to a constant externalExpand
Controlling diffusive transport in confined geometries
We analyze the diffusive transport of Brownian particles in narrow channels with periodically varying cross-section. The geometrical confinements lead to entropic barriers, the particle has toExpand