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Does size and buoyancy affect the long-distance transport of floating debris?
  • P. Ryan
  • Environmental Science
  • 18 August 2015
Floating persistent debris, primarily made from plastic, disperses long distances from source areas and accumulates in oceanic gyres. However, biofouling can increase the density of debris items toExpand
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Commercial TMR heads for hard disk drives: characterization and extendibility at 300 gbit/in/sup 2/
Tunneling magnetoresistive (TMR) reading heads at an areal density of 80-100 Gbit/in/sup 2/ in a longitudinal magnetic recording mode have for the first time been commercialized for both laptop andExpand
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Suppressed magnetization at the surfaces and interfaces of ferromagnetic metallic manganites.
What happens to ferromagnetism at the surfaces and interfaces of manganites? With the competition between charge, spin, and orbital degrees of freedom, it is not surprising that the surface behaviourExpand
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Tunneling magnetoresistive heads beyond 150 Gb/in/sup 2/
Tunneling magnetoresistive (TMR) readers capable of 150 Gb/in/sup 2/ of areal density magnetic recording for hard disk drive were demonstrated with bit-error-rate performance. The head design used isExpand
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Spectral analysis of heart rate variability: the impact of R-wave measurement error.
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Palliation of Malignant Obstruction-Use of Lasers and Radiotherapy in Combination
To THE PRACTISING radiotherapist, the availability of new techniques to provide rapid reversal of an obstructed upper digestive tract or airway offers exciting prospects for more effective treatmentExpand
The Sugar Bag
Withdrawal symptoms! That's what I'm suffering, and from a cause so trivial that I ought to be ashamed to confess it: the old-time, now reviled, wholly disposable plastic shopping bag seems at lastExpand