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A Review of Land-use Regression Models for Characterizing Intraurban Air Pollution Exposure
The primary conclusion of this study is that LUR models are an important tool for integrating traffic and geographic information to characterize variability in exposures.
Is it traffic type, volume, or distance? Wheezing in infants living near truck and bus traffic.
Diesel exhaust particle induction of IL-17A contributes to severe asthma.
Traffic-Related Air Pollution Exposure in the First Year of Life and Behavioral Scores at 7 Years of Age
Exposure to the highest tertile of ECAT during the child’s first year of life was significantly associated with Hyperactivity T-scores in the “at risk” range at 7 years of age, after adjustment.
A Comparison of Proximity and Land Use Regression Traffic Exposure Models and Wheezing in Infants
A land use regression model of exposure to truck and bus traffic resulted in a range of ECAT individually derived for all infants’ homes that may reduce the exposure misclassification that can arise from a proximity model.
Mold exposure during infancy as a predictor of potential asthma development.
Airway obstruction related to diacetyl exposure at microwave popcorn production facilities
Control of employee exposure to butter flavouring additives is warranted in regard to both short-term peak and 8-h workday exposure, with significant impact seen in nonmixers or between current diacetyl exposure and persistent decline in FEV1.
Infant origins of childhood asthma associated with specific molds.