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An Introduction to the Celtic Languages
Part 1 The historical background to the Celtic languages: Celtic as an Indo-European language continental Celtic insular Celtic the distinctive features of Celtic languages the distinctive featuresExpand
Freedom and Moral Sentiment: Hume's Way of Naturalizing Responsibility
In this book, Russell examines Hume's notion of free will and moral responsibility. It is widely held that Hume presents us with a classic statement of the "compatibilist" position-that freedom andExpand
Strawson's Way of Naturalizing Responsibility
In this article I am concerned with a central strand of Strawson's wellknown and highly influential essay "Freedom and Resentment."'' One of Strawson's principal objectives in this work is to refuteExpand
The Philosophy of Free Will:: Essential Readings from the Contemporary Debates
Introduction I. The Free Will Problem - Real or illusory? 1. Thomas Nagel - Moral Luck 2. Daniel Dennett - Please Don't Feed the Bugbears II. Naturalism Against Scepticism 3. P. F. Strawson - FreedomExpand
Languages in Britain and Ireland
Free Will and Reactive Attitudes: Perspectives on P.F. Strawson's 'Freedom and Resentment'
Contents: Introduction: perspectives on P.F. Strawson's 'Freedom and Resentment', Michael McKenna and Paul Russell Freedom and resentment, Peter Strawson Free-will and rationality, A.J. AyerExpand
Pessimists, Pollyannas, and the New Compatibilism
Laws, Glossaries and Legal Glossaries in Early Ireland
Only rarely has the the study of early Irish law and that of early Irish glossaries come into contact with one another. On the occasions when they have, it has usually been to the benefit of legalExpand