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Conjugation, meiosis, and the osmotic stress response are regulated by Spc1 kinase through Atf1 transcription factor in fission yeast.
It is reported that Spc1 also has an important role in regulating sexual development in S. pombe and is required for induction of meiotic genes and stress-response genes, such as gpd1+ and pyp2+, that are transcriptionally regulated by Spc 1.
Cell-cycle control linked to extracellular environment by MAP kinase pathway in fission yeast
It is reported here that a fission yeast MAP kinase pathway links the cell-cycle G2/M control with changes in the extracellular environment that affect cell physiology.
ATM Activation and Its Recruitment to Damaged DNA Require Binding to the C Terminus of Nbs1
It is proposed that conformational changes in the MRN complex that occur upon binding to damaged DNA are transmitted through the FXF/Y-HEAT interface to activate ATM, and this interaction also retains active ATM at sites of DNA damage.
Nuclear localization of Cdc25 is regulated by DNA damage and a 14-3-3 protein
Rad24 appears to function as an attachable nuclear-export signal that enhances the nuclear export of Cdc25 in response to DNA damage.
Cdc25 mitotic inducer targeted by chk1 DNA damage checkpoint kinase.
Findings identify Cdc25, but not Wee1, as a target of the DNA damage checkpoint, which is induced by DNA damage in both fission yeast and human cells.