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Influence of random vibrations on the roughness of turned surfaces
Abstract Finish machining is characterized by small feeds, and relatively high power and energy consumption: it is a very well established industrial practice. The aim of this paper is to show howExpand
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Characterization of drilling waste from shale gas exploration in Central and Eastern Poland
The purpose of this research was to determine and evaluate the chemical properties of drilling waste from five well sites in Central and Eastern Poland. It was found that spent drilling fluids canExpand
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Obtaining of granular fertilizers based on ashes from combustion of waste residues and ground bones using phosphorous solubilization by bacteria Bacillus megaterium.
The article presents research results on obtaining phosphorus granulated fertilizers on the basis of microbiologically activated sewage sludge ashes, ground bones and dried blood from meat industry.Expand
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Conversion of spent mushroom substrate into micronutrient fertilizer via biosorption in a pilot plant
Abstract The paper presents a pilot-plant for the biosorption and the technology of the production of micronutrient fertilizer components that are based on spent mushroom substrate with a qualitativeExpand
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Pilot Plant Conversion of Blackcurrant Seeds into New Micronutrient Fertilizer Biocomponents via Biosorption
A new approach for micronutrient fertilizer biocomponent production based on blackcurrant seeds is presented. Blackcurrant seeds constitute a by-product from the production of jellies, jams, andExpand
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Characterization of drilling waste from shale gas industry and their use in soil amendment production technology
Drilling operations produce two major wastes which are drilling fluids and drill cuttings. The drilling waste shall be properly managed to ensure no impact on the environment and human health. Use ofExpand