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The chamber music
A. Rehearsals: You are required to attend and to be prepared for all scheduled rehearsals of your chamber music group. If illness or a family emergency prevents you from attending a rehearsal, it isExpand
Tonality 1900-1950 : concept and practice
Tonality – or the feeling of key in music – achieved crisp theoretical definition in the early 20th century, even as the musical avant-garde pronounced it obsolete. The notion of a general collapseExpand
British Musical Modernism: The Manchester Group and their Contemporaries
Introduction 1. Between nationalism and the avant garde: defining British modernism 2. Post-war motifs 3. Manchester avant-garde: Goehr, Davies and Birtwistle to 1960 4. A Manchester generation inExpand
Tonal Stratification and Uncertainty in Britten's Music
An atmosphere of uncertainty complicates the definition of functional tonal relations in Britten's music. The clarity of a single tonic is blurred, most often by the presence within the texture of aExpand