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Simulated Annealing
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Efficient Algorithms for Model Checking Pushdown Systems
We study model checking problems for pushdown systems and linear time logics. Expand
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Fixed-Parameter Algorithms for CLOSEST STRING and Related Problems
We show how to solve CLOSEST STRING in linear time for fixed d —the exponential growth in d is bounded by O(dd) . Expand
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Determination of the sedimentation coefficient distribution by least-squares boundary modeling.
A new method is presented for the calculation of apparent sedimentation coefficient distributions g*(s) for the size-distribution analysis of polymers in sedimentation velocity experiments. DirectExpand
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An efficient fixed-parameter algorithm for 3-Hitting Set
Improving previous work, we give an O(2.270k + n) time algorithm for 3-Hitting Set, which is efficient for small values of k, a typical occurrence in some applications. Expand
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New Upper Bounds for Maximum Satisfiability
We prove that MaxSat can be solved in time O(|F|·1.3803K), where |F| is the length of a formula F in conjunctive normal form and K is the number of clauses in F. Expand
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Exact Solutions for CLOSEST STRING and Related Problems
We show how to solve CLOSEST STRING in linear time for constant d (the exponential growth is O(d d). Expand
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Courcelle's theorem - A game-theoretic approach
Courcelle's Theorem states that every problem definable in Monadic Second-Order logic can be solved in linear time on structures of bounded treewidth, for example, by constructing a tree automaton that recognizes or rejects a tree decomposition of the structure. Expand
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A general method to speed up fixed-parameter-tractable algorithms
A fixed-parameter-tractable algorithm, or FPT algorithm for short, gets an instance I,k as its input and has to decide whether (I,k)∈L for some parameterized problem L. Many parameterized algorithms work in two stages: reduction to a problem kernel and bounded search tree. Expand
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A Fine-grained Analysis of a Simple Independent Set Algorithm
We present a simple exact algorithm for the INDEPENDENT SET problem with a run- time bounded by O(1.2132 n poly(n)). Expand
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