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Entrepreneurship in Vietnam : Transformation and Dynamics
The private small-scale manufacturing sector has emerged as a key actor in the development of the Vietnamese economy since the launching of market-oriented reforms (doi moi) in the late 1980s. Yet ...
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The Transformation of the Private Manufacturing Sector in Vietnam in the 1990s
The private manufacturing sector has been called upon to play a key role in the transformation and development of the Vietnamese economy since the launching of market oriented reforms a decade ago.Expand
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Centrally Planned Urbanization: The Case of Romania
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Urbanization in Romania: A geography of social and economic change since independence
Romania is an interesting laboratory for the study of urbanization. Few countries in Europe have experienced such sharp social, cultural and economic discrimination between town and village, among ...
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Cambodia: The Challenge of Productive Employment Creation
Economic growth in Cambodia came to an abrupt halt in 1997 as the home made political crisis and the external financial crisis took their toll. However, Cambodia has been comparatively mildlyExpand
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Urbanisation, central planning and Tolley's model of urban growth: a critical review.
The authors assess a model of urban growth developed by G. S. Tolley, with a focus on "the model's potential contribution towards an improved comprehension of urbanisation in socialist polities.Expand
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The Crippling Cost of an Incomplete Transformation: The Case of Moldova
Moldova holds the unenviable distinction of having suffered the largest fall in gross domestic product (GDP) and living standards among the former socialist countries in Europe. By the end of 1998Expand
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Economic reform in Vietnam: Dismantling the centrally planned Economy
While Vietnam pioneered macro‐economic reforms among socialist states, with 1989 being a decisive year in coming to grips with hyper‐inflation and other inherently destabilizing economic imbalances,Expand
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