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The crustacean exoskeleton as an example of a structurally and mechanically graded biological nanocomposite material
This is an experimental study on the mechanical and structural gradients through the cuticle of Homarus americanus (American lobster). The exocuticle (outer layer) is characterized by a very fineExpand
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Microstructure and crystallographic texture of the chitin-protein network in the biological composite material of the exoskeleton of the lobster Homarus americanus
Abstract The exoskeleton of the lobster Homarus americanus is a multiphase biological composite material which consists of an organic matrix (crystalline α-chitin fibers and various types ofExpand
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The exoskeleton of the lobster Homarus americanus as an example of a smart anisotropic biological material.
Many biological materials are composed of fibrils arranged according to well-ordered three-dimensional patterns. These materials often show a strong anisotropy in their properties. An essentialExpand
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Mesostructure of the Exoskeleton of the Lobster Homarus Americanus
The exoskeleton of the lobster Homarus americanus is a multiphase bio-composite which consists of a fibrous organic matrix (crystalline α-chitin and various types of non-crystalline proteins) andExpand
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Ecological and nutritional implications of the mandibular structure in the Antarctic calanoid copepod Metridia gerlachei Giesbrecht, 1902: an ultrastructural study
Abstract In Antarctic sea waters the composition and structure of living communities and the morphology of species are strongly affected by low temperatures; furthermore, the environmental conditionsExpand
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Structure and Crystallographic Texture of Arthropod Bio-Composites
In this study we present experimental investigations on the microscopic structure, constituent phases, and crystallographic textures of the exoskeleton of three types of decapod crustaceans, namely,Expand
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Reactivity of a molybdenite concentrate against chemical or bacterial attack
Abstract A study is made on the reactivity of a molybdenite concentrate (46.7% Mo) in response to chemical attack, using HNO 3 , H 2 SO 4 of mixtures or both acids, or to attack by bacteriaExpand
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Regulatory peptides in the urinary bladder of two genera of Antarctic teleosts
Abstract Somatostatin 14, prolactin, atrial natriuretic peptide, galanin and urotensin II were found using immunohistochemistry in the urinary bladders of the Antarctic fishes Trematomus bernacchiiExpand
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Anionic Surfactants Removal and Biodegradation in a Large Treatment Plant
A full scale study was conducted to investigate the destination of LAS (Linear Alkylbenzene Sulfonate) in Italy's greatest WWTP (Waste Water Treatment Plant): the Turin central plant. Specific LASExpand
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La nostra esperienza nel trattamento delle fratture sottotalamiche di calcagno: dalla riduzione e sintesi a cielo aperto, alle artrodesi d’emblèe alla metodica mini-invasiva
Complicanze tardive • Osteomieliti • Sindromi da conflitto • Esiti dolorosi da mezzi di sintesi • Artrosi e deformità residue Lo scopo è il recupero tridimensionale del calcagno con il recuperoExpand