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The use of acoustic indices to determine avian species richness in audio-recordings of the environment
We address the ecological problem of estimating avian species richness using acoustic richness by sampling from very long acoustic recordings. Expand
Static Analysis of Students' Java Programs
We introduce a static analysis framework which can be used to give beginning students practice in writing better quality Java programs and to assist teaching staff in the marking process. Expand
Visualization of Long-duration Acoustic Recordings of the Environment
We combine indices to produce false-color images that reveal acoustic content and facilitate navigation through recordings that are months or even years in duration. Expand
Sampling environmental acoustic recordings to determine bird species richness.
Acoustic sensors can be used to estimate species richness for vocal species such as birds. They can continuously and passively record large volumes of data over extended periods. These data mustExpand
Is securitization a ‘negative’ concept? Revisiting the normative debate over normal versus extraordinary politics
The purpose of this article is to revisit the normatively defined debate over securitization as a negative conception. Claudia Aradau’s work has largely served to define this debate, with AradauExpand
A toolbox for animal call recognition
We have developed software tools and applications to assist ecologists with the collection and analysis of acoustic data at large spatial and temporal scales. Expand
Actor, Audience(s) and Emergency Measures: Securitization and the UK's Decision to Invade Iraq
  • P. Roe
  • Sociology
  • 1 December 2008
The concept of securitization has produced a considerable amount of debate over the meaning of security. However, far less attention has been paid to the role of audiences and their relationship toExpand
The Intrastate Security Dilemma: Ethnic Conflict as a `Tragedy'?
This article seeks to pull together the main body of work on the security dilemma and that concerning the relatively recent move in international relations in reconceptualizing and operationalizingExpand
Sensor Network for the Monitoring of Ecosystem: Bird Species Recognition
In this paper, we investigated the performance of bird species recognition using neural networks with different preprocessing methods and different sets of features. Expand
The Messaging Kettle: Prototyping Connection over a Distance between Adult Children and Older Parents
A prototype "messaging kettle" is described. The connected kettle aims to foster communication and engagement with an older friend or relative who lives remotely, during the routine of boiling theExpand