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Rhizoctonia-forming fungi: a taxonomic guide
A taxonomic guide to all known Rhizoctonia telomorphs in the Ceratobasidiales, Exidiales, Platygloeales and Tulasnellales, providing keys to genera, and detailed description with line drawings forExpand
On the unreliability of published DNA sequences.
•  Here, the reliability of published fungal nucleic acid sequences is tested by the critical re-evaluation of 206 named sequences obtained from public-access databases. •  Sequences from theExpand
Checklist of the British and Irish Basidiomycota.
A comprehensive checklist of the Basidiomycetes (fungi) of Great Britain and Ireland, a massive phylum covering 3670 mushrooms and toadstools, bracket fungi, puffballs, earthstars and stinkhorns,Expand
Non-lichenized fungi from the Antarctic region
A reference checklist has been compiled giving the names of all species of non-lichenized fungi described by collection, observation or culture from the general Antarctic region since records wereExpand
Corticioid fungi from the Kimberley Region, Western Australia
SummaryCorticioid fungi from the Kimberley Region of Western Australia are reviewed. 31 species are reported, of which five, Aleurodiscus kimberleyanus, Athelopsis vesicularis, DendrotheleExpand
British Chanterelles and Tooth-fungi : an account of the British cantharelloid and stipitate hydnoid fungi
These spectacular fungi contain many of the most popular edible mushrooms. The introduction covers structure, ecology, distribution, conservation, collecting and harvesting. All species are describedExpand
The impact of molecular data in fungal systematics
Molecular data has been used in fungal systematics since the 1970s, and its rate of incorporation has increased significantly in recent years. In phylogeny molecular data has already been used toExpand
Fifteen species of clavarioid Basidiomycetes belonging to the Cantharellales, Gomphales, and Lachnocladiales are described from Korup National Park, South West Province, Cameroon. AphelariaExpand