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Devitrification of Al-Ni-Rare earth amorphous alloys
The effect of rare earth (RE) elements on the devitrification behaviour of Al87Ni7RE6 alloys (RE = La, Sm) is reported. Two crystallisation mechanisms are found as a function of the type of elementExpand
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Rapid solidification of Cu–Fe–Ni alloys
Abstract Cu80−xNixFe20 (x=0, 5 and 20) alloys have been rapidly solidified by planar flow casting. X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis of as-quenched ribbons shows bcc-Fe precipitates embedded in an fccExpand
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Effect of carrier tunneling on the structure of Si nanowires fabricated by metal assisted etching.
The metal assisted etching mechanism for Si nanowire fabrication, triggered by doping type and level and coupled with choice of metal catalyst, is still very poorly understood. We explain theExpand
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Glass-formation and hardness of Cu–Y alloys
Abstract Metallic glasses exhibit particularly attractive mechanical properties, like high stresses to fracture and large elastic strain (up to 2%), but they show generally low plasticity. Aim ofExpand
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Nanoporous gold chemically de-alloyed from Au-based amorphous thin film for electrochemical nonenzymatic H2O2 sensing
Abstract Au-based amorphous thin films prepared by magnetron sputtering were used to fabricate nanoporous gold by chemical de-alloying obtaining three dimensional bicontinuous ligament-nanoporeExpand
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Role of hydrogen tanks in the life cycle assessment of fuel cell-based auxiliary power units
Abstract In the framework of the European project SSH2S, a solid-state hydrogen storage tank - fuel cell system was demonstrated as Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) for a light duty vehicle. In this work,Expand
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A comparative study of the influence of the deposition technique (electrodeposition versus sputtering) on the properties of nanostructured Fe70Pd30 films
ABSTRACT Sputtering and electrodeposition are among the most widespread techniques for metallic thin film deposition. Since these techniques operate under different principles, the resulting filmsExpand
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Structural and Magnetic Properties of FePd Thin Film Synthesized by Electrodeposition Method
Bimetallic nanomaterials in the form of thin film constituted by magnetic and noble elements show promising properties in different application fields such as catalysts and magnetic drivenExpand
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Tailoring magnetic properties of multicomponent layered structure via current annealing in FePd thin films
Multicomponent layered systems with tailored magnetic properties were fabricated via current annealing from homogeneous Fe67Pd33 thin films, deposited via radio frequency sputtering on Si/SiO2Expand
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Reliability of portable X-ray Fluorescence for the chemical characterisation of ancient corroded copper‑tin alloys
Abstract This paper examines the effect of different corrosion patinas on the chemical composition of copper‑tin alloys detected by portable X-ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy (pXRF). Specimens ofExpand
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