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A commentary on the Aristotelian Athenaion politeia
Since this commentary was first published in 1981, there have been important publications on many of the topics covered in the Athenaion Politeia, and in 1991 the centenary of the work's rediscovery
The Athenian boule
The first section of the chapter is concerned with the membership of the boule - the conditions of appointment and service, the men who served in the boule, and the rewards and risks to which they
The decrees of the Greek states
The many states of the ancient greek world were governed by small councils and assemblies of adult male citizens. The decisions of these bodies took the form of decrees. This book collects the
The Laws of Solon: A New Edition with Introduction, Translation and Commentary
Solon (c 658-558 BC) is famous as both statesman and poet but also, and above all, as the paramount lawmaker of ancient Athens. Though his works survive only in fragments, we know from the writings
A History of the Classical Greek World, 478 - 323 BC
List of Illustrations.List of Figures.List of maps.Preface.Note on references.1. Introduction.2. The Formation of the Delian League.3. The Peloponnese in the Early Fifth Century.4. Athens After the
The Delian League to 449 b. c.
In its early years, the Delian League was both a body fighting against Persia on behalf of the Greeks and a body through which Athens found opportunities to extend her own power. Friendship between
The Five Thousand in the Athenian Revolutions of 411 B.C.
  • P. Rhodes
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    The Journal of Hellenic Studies
  • 1 November 1972
Two postwar studies have given a new direction to discussions of the oligarchic revolutions in Athens. In 1956 Mr G. E. M. de Ste Croix attacked the accepted doctrine that the régime which succeeded