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GroupLens: an open architecture for collaborative filtering of netnews
GroupLens is a system for collaborative filtering of netnews, to help people find articles they will like in the huge stream of available articles, and protect their privacy by entering ratings under pseudonyms, without reducing the effectiveness of the score prediction. Expand
Trust among strangers in internet transactions: Empirical analysis of eBay' s reputation system
Examination of a large data set from 1999 reveals several interesting features, including a high correlation between buyer and seller feedback, suggesting that the players reciprocate and retaliate. Expand
Reputation systems
Systems T he Internet offers vast new opportunities to interact with total strangers. These interactions can be fun, informative, even profitable. But they also involve risk. Is the advice of aExpand
Building Successful Online Communities: Evidence-Based Social Design
Online communities are among the most popular destinations on the Internet, but not all online communities are equally successful. For every flourishing Facebook, there is a moribund Friendster--notExpand
Recommender systems
This special section includes descriptions of five recommender systems, which provide recommendations as inputs, which the system then aggregates and directs to appropriate recipients, and which combine evaluations with content analysis. Expand
Eliciting Informative Feedback: The Peer-Prediction Method
A scoring system is devised that induces honest reporting of feedback and proves to be a Nash equilibrium, which can be scaled to induce appropriate effort by raters and extended to handle sequential interaction and continuous signals. Expand
The Value of Reputation on Ebay: A Controlled Experiment
A high-reputation, established eBay dealer sold matched pairs of lots—batches of vintage postcards—under his regular identity and under new seller identities (also operated by him). Expand
Enquiring Minds: Early Detection of Rumors in Social Media from Enquiry Posts
A technique based on searching for the enquiry phrases, clustering similar posts together, and then collecting related posts that do not contain these simple phrases, which ranks the clusters by their likelihood of really containing a disputed factual claim. Expand
The Social Cost of Cheap Pseudonyms
We consider the problems of societal norms for cooperation and reputation when it is possible to obtain cheap pseudonyms, something that is becoming quite common in a wide variety of interactions onExpand
Beyond Bowling Together: SocioTechnical Capital
Social resources like trust and shared identity make it easier for people to work and play together. Such social resources are sometimes referred to as social capital. Thirty years ago, AmericansExpand