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A very brief measure of the Big-Five personality domains
When time is limited, researchers may be faced with the choice of using an extremely brief measure of the Big-Five personality dimensions or using no measure at all. To meet the need for a very briefExpand
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The do re mi's of everyday life: the structure and personality correlates of music preferences.
The present research examined individual differences in music preferences. A series of 6 studies investigated lay beliefs about music, the structure underlying music preferences, and the linksExpand
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A Theory of the Emergence, Persistence, and Expression of Geographic Variation in Psychological Characteristics
Volumes of research show that people in different geographic regions differ psychologically. Most of that work converges on the conclusion that there are geographic differences in personality andExpand
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EmotionSense: a mobile phones based adaptive platform for experimental social psychology research
We present EmotionSense, a framework for collecting data in human interaction studies based on off-the-shelf mobile phones. Expand
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The structure of musical preferences: a five-factor model.
Music is a cross-cultural universal, a ubiquitous activity found in every known human culture. Individuals demonstrate manifestly different preferences in music, and yet relatively little is knownExpand
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Statewide differences in personality: toward a psychological geography of the United States.
  • P. Rentfrow
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  • The American psychologist
  • 1 September 2010
There is overwhelming evidence from research in the regional sciences that the attitudes, values, and behaviors of Americans are geographically clustered. Psychologists, however, have historicallyExpand
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Self-verification: The search for coherence
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Personality Judgments Based on Physical Appearance
Despite the crucial role of physical appearance in forming first impressions, little research has examined the accuracy of personality impressions based on appearance alone. This study examined theExpand
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Divided we stand: three psychological regions of the United States and their political, economic, social, and health correlates.
There is overwhelming evidence for regional variation across the United States on a range of key political, economic, social, and health indicators. However, a substantial body of research suggestsExpand
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SociableSense: exploring the trade-offs of adaptive sampling and computation offloading for social sensing
We propose SociableSense, a smart phones based platform that captures user behavior in office environments, while providing the users with a quantitative measure of their sociability and that of colleagues. Expand
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