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Removal of boron from wastewater by precipitation of a sparingly soluble salt
The removal of boron from wastewater has to be considered on a case-by-case basis because no boron compound is known to be precipitated quantitatively. Based on an industrial case, many methods wereExpand
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Pseudo-first-order reaction of chemically and biologically formed green rusts with HgII and C₁₅H₁₅N₃O₂: effects of pH and stabilizing agents (phosphate, silicate, polyacrylic acid, and bacterial
The kinetics of Hg(II) and methyl red (MR) reduction by hydroxycarbonate green rust (GR1) and by hydroxysulfate green rust (GR2) were studied in the presence of naturally occurring organic andExpand
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Contribution of Anionic vs. Neutral Polymers to the Formation of Green Rust 1 from γ-FeOOH Bioreduction
To assess the effect of polymeric substances on the biomineralization and stabilization of green rust (GR), the effect of two organic polymers on the transformation of lepidocrocite (γ-FeOOH) to GRExpand
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Rheological behaviour and heat effects during the formation and phase transformation of silver oxide gels obtained by precipitation
Abstract Freshly precipitated silver oxide gel obtained from the addition of alkali in silver nitrate solution of high concentrations is suspected to have quite non-Newtonian properties. TheExpand
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