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Study of delamination in drilling carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) using design experiments
Abstract In this paper is presented a new comprehensive approach to select cutting parameters for damage-free drilling in carbon fiber reinforced epoxy composite material. The approach is based on aExpand
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Drilling carbon fiber reinforced plastics manufactured by autoclave: experimental and statistical study
Drilling laminates composites materials are significantly affected by delamination tendency of these materials under action of cutting forces (thrust force and torque). On the other hand, drilling isExpand
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Damage and dimensional precision on milling carbon fiber-reinforced plastics using design experiments
Abstract Milling composite materials is a rather complex task owing to its heterogeneity and the number of problems, such as surface delamination, that appear during the machining process, associatedExpand
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Drilling of fiber reinforced plastics: A review
Abstract The use of polymeric composite materials has increased considerably over the last decade and, as a consequence, the number of papers focused on relevant aspects concerning the machinabilityExpand
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A study on milling of glass fiber reinforced plastics manufactured by hand-lay up using statistical analysis (ANOVA)
Milling is the most practical machining (corrective) operation for removing excess material to produce a well defined and high quality surface. However, milling composite materials presents a numberExpand
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Multi-objective optimization of cutting parameters for drilling laminate composite materials by using genetic algorithms
Abstract Machining of composite materials is an important and current topic in modern researches on manufacturing processes. In this paper, a multi-objective optimization of the drilling process of aExpand
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Cutting performance of time-modulated chemical vapour deposited diamond coated tool inserts during machining graphite
Abstract In this investigation, two types of diamond coatings were deposited onto commercially available cemented tungsten carbide (WC-Co) tool inserts using two distinctive processes: i)Expand
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Experimental study of drilling glass fiber reinforced plastics (GFRP) manufactured by hand lay-up
Drilling is a frequently practiced machining process in industry due to the need for component assembly in mechanical pieces and structures. Drilling of composite materials is significantly affectedExpand
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Drilling fiber reinforced plastics (FRPs) manufactured by hand lay-up: influence of matrix (Viapal VUP 9731 and ATLAC 382-05)
Abstract Drilling composite materials is a very common and an important process used in industry to perform the assembly of aerospace and automotive composite structures. However, drilling compositeExpand
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Machinability study on polyetheretherketone (PEEK) unreinforced and reinforced (GF30) for applications in structural components
Abstract Composites such as polyetheretherketone (PEEK) used in structural components, are generally manufactured by extrusion, and for this fact, these recent materials need additional machiningExpand
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